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Lively Latin users - any tips for getting started?!


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Okay, so I took the plunge and purchased Lively Latin, Big Book 1 . . . now I have to get started! I won't start until after the new year, but wondered if any of you that already use it have any tips or advice for getting off to a good start? Any and all insights welcomed and appreciated! :001_smile:

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umm, gosh, I just opened the book and started with page 1.


We did Latin two or three times a week and we did one exercise or one history lessons. I didn't care how long it took us, just that we did it every week.


Prep... get a REALLY big binder, lol. I am not kidding. Dividers...


I checked the site recently and she has a word list and rules for easy look up. I printed those and put them in page protectors and put them at the begining of the binder. I allow my son to look stuff up if he gets stuck.


I printed off the flashcards...that made my life a LOT easier. I make my son write the definitions on the back, lol.


I don't know if this is what you are looking for.

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Yes, that is good - just looking to see how others have handled it. I guess I was "suspicious" that it really IS as easy as "open and go" but that's exactly what we did today and it was great! Thanks for "affirming" me! Ha! Ha!

If you haven't printed the whole thing make sure when you do you print single sided. Double sided won't allow you to move things into the dividers.


The advantage of using the dividers is you end up with all your instruction pages in one easy to reference place, so when you need to double check something you flip through a few pages and find it. I printed double sided and then had to dig through whole chapters to find 1 or 2 pages of instruction, which really was a pain once you figured out what you were looking for is about 4 chapters back. :001_huh:


I eventually went in and re-printed it.



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