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Fun Spanish supplements?

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Can you recommend some fun games, activities, computer games, etc. for learning Spanish?


We're using Rosetta Stone and would like to add some supplemental things.



Hi Luann,

We are on year 2 of Rosetta Stone Spanish. I have never been satisfied with RS... Great for vocabulary; not so great for grammar.


I bought Getting Started with Spanish to use with RS this year, but with all of our other subjects, we have never used it. My older kids got into a routine with their other school subjects, and it became hard to incorporate GSwS even though it would not have taken long to do. Since it was only a supplement, it was hard to keep it up.


My 2nd grader is using Getting Started with Latin. It is his only foreign language, and it is a terrific book. We spend about 15 minutes per lesson. I can only imagine the Spanish version is just as good.

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All kinds of kids' games are available in Spanish versions, online if not in your local toy store. We have Guess Who? and Silly Sentences in Spanish versions as well as a more serious game called Verb It. But tons of games come in Spanish editions, from Monopoly to Scrabble. Playing Battleship in Spanish helps with the Spanish alphabet and basic numbers.


We also read kids' picture books in Spanish or in dual language versions, and have watched favorite movies with the soundtrack in Spanish.

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