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It is a large commuter campus located in one of the most dangerous cities in the US. Academically it is at best a mediocre school.


Is there some specific reason that this instructor likes this school? Does it offer something that would bump it up for consideration? I mean there are things that will trump location and overall academics.


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My 12 year old is enamored by it but only because they have special housing for architect/interior design students where they can have their projects set up and the professors come to them. Obviously we have lots of time to look at lots of schools!!


I do like it's architect/design department but that is all we have looked at there. My daughter attended a STEM event there and that's how we even came to look at it.


Now, this is not the same child who is interested in UTM, is it?

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Some of the departments are very good. It would depend on the course of study, I suppose. I know many U of M grads - most are doing well - some VERY well. I know a few profs. I would not want my child to live in on campus housing, though, and I would worry if my child had evening classes if she went there. Crime is very bad in Memphis - sometimes the crime spills onto campus. However, I'm in that vicinity weekly, and it seems safe enough during the day. I've been on campus at night for functions and have been pleased with security near the buildings, but I cannot vouch for parking lot or nearby off-campus safety.

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This is the same student who has been looking at UTM. While UTM is still one of his top schools, he is still looking....still not completely settled.:glare:


Here is the story: Bear's CC College Algebra teacher who is an alum of Memphis has kind of taken him under her wing. I trust her opinion. She is a former homeschool mom herself(who by the way has her doctorate in math!) and has 3 homeschool students who have ALL gotten their undergrad degrees and master degrees from Memphis(one who is now working on his PhD). All three have done VERY well. So, when this teacher speaks, I listen. She is one of us. She has been in our shoes.


This teacher wants to take Bear personally and introduce him to the math faculty at Memphis. She said she would do everything she could to help him along. She has been very impressed with his work ethic and his math skills and well....his attitude. (Guess he did in homework well in CC, huh?) And well the respect is on the other end too. Bear has the highest regards for her. She KNOWS her math and expects excellence from her students.


Now, while I know the crime rate in Memphis, I understand that, but Memphis-Well, that's home. And the U of M is in a better section of Memphis than other sections.


As for the commuters that come to Memphis, a LOT of them come from the homeschool community. We know TONS of families that have chosen Memphis because of the location(close to home) and the cost. For many of them, with students who are graduating with honors and high ACT, U of M offers them a free ride. SOME are even getting money in THEIR pocket and they are saving it for grad school.


Memphis offers other options that other smaller schools may not. Memphis has THE largest honors program in the state. And it has many research and internship opportunities. Our second DD wants to work at St. Jude some day. She could actually do an internship with St. Jude while at Memphis. (Foot in the door....)Wants to be a registered dietician.


While I don't know what the future holds right now, we are going to check out this option.


Just had wondered if anyone had experience.


Sorry to be so long winded this morning.





Who has to finish her Christmas shopping to day!:)

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hey Brenda,


definitely don't go there for the football. :lol:


St. Jude is a great employer! I don't know if you remember me or not.. I'm the one who almost made it to the HUG meeting on time. my dh works at st. jude in structural biology dept.





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