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I need cute, easy Christmas crafts that you make with candies.

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Make lollies or wreaths with peppermints--I've posted before about it, but I can't find the thread. Just put the starlight mint kind of peppermints in a circle (it takes about 5, but you do more) with the sides touching, on a piece of parchment paper laid on a cookie sheet. Pop in the oven (slow) until they start melting, take out and swirl with a toothpick for a lolly, or leave for a wreath (they spread slightly and connect, for the wreath). Very quickly, add a popsicle stick for a lolly, or a true lolly stick. Let cool for a wreath and add a bow of licorice or draw one on with frosting, or use a piece of fruit roll-up stuff (tie a thin piece in a bow and attach with frosting).


If you have a LOT of peppermints (hard candies work, too) you can make a wreath out of a coat hanger. Bend the hanger into a circle, leaving the hook (just stretch the straight part, bascially). Tie one piece of yarn (maybe 4 inches or so long) to one side of the candy wrapper, and then tie the other side to the hanger. It takes maybe 100-150 candies to go all the way around the wreath. You can hang a cute pair of kids' scissors in the middle hanging down. People clip a candy to eat it. Good for an office or a large family. I made one for a family member a long time ago--took me about 3 hours, but it was really pretty. It's heavy, too. You hang it by the hook.


ETA--Thinking about it, you could make mini-wreaths if you took some wire cutters and just cut the coat hanger wire into piece, made circles, and then proceded. You could just tie on fishing line or something for the hanger! Add a bow out of ribbon if you want, and don't hang the scissors.

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Trains. I can't remember what all I used but it had a pack of lifesavers as the body, peppermints for the wheels, a Hersey's kiss for the at the front end and something squarish - maybe a caramel - at the back. I used a hot glue gun. ETA: Actually, I think it was a mini Reece's peanut butter cup at the back.

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