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Limewire - Shareware Legal or Not?

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What is the latest verdict on "Limewire Shareware?"

I used to download songs for listening in the car. Then there was a big broohahah about the whole thing and I never figured out if it was okay or not.

Can you download for yourself as long as you don't sell anything?

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I think there is a different colour wire that has started up.

the verdict is that it is illegal, that is why lime-wire was shut down.

My husband use to get songs from lime-wire, he has downloaded two viruses onto the computer that way, causing the computer crash and need as reformat of the hard drive, and a new graphics card.

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Amazon has some *legal* free downloads in their music store from time to time. What's free changes. iTunes Music Store also has some free downloads, though fewer than Amazon.


It *is* legal to copy songs to your computer from CDs you own. It is also legal to make multiple copies of mp3s for your *personal* use (e.g. iTunes' protected music files, and computer authorizations) -- so you can burn mix CDs of songs that you already own. It's when you give them to others (maybe not in mix CD format, but definitely burning entire CDs), or try to sell them, or share them online, that things start getting shady. I'm fairly certain that any type of music sharing like LimeWire is illegal...and people, including teens, have been prosecuted for it and found guilty.

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