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What are you buying the kids/dh/yourself for Christmas? Let's share. :-)

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Dh - Probably cowboy boots (which I hate, but hey, it's Christmas)

DD 13 - Nook

DD 11 - Lanie (American Girl), Scooter

DS 10 - Ripstik, Nascar Race Track Set (sharing with bro), MP3

DS 8 - Same as DS 10

DS 3 - Train Table Set, Cozy Coupe, Scooter, Duplo Blocks

Me (I do my own shopping--does that make me a horrible person, :D?) - Monitor Calibration System (helps with photo editing), Zune


To Share - Bean Bag Chairs, Wii Games, Board Games


I buy for two sets of grandparents, so these are combined gifts. I'm not married to any of these ideas, and I haven't finished shopping--I'd love to hear what other people are doing.

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Dh is getting a couple of fantasy books he wants.

DD the First - a Swiss Army knife, that Nat'l Geographic pyramid set, Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, a Legends of the Guardians calendar, and a scarf I knitted.

DS - pogo stick, two cooperative games, an easy reader, a Toy Story 3 calendar, and a hat I knitted

DD the Second - a wooden kitchen, wooden play food, a cat calendar, and a hat I knitted.


I don't officially know what I'm getting, but I know one of the two things is a book off a list of 4-5 I gave dh & the kids.

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for our family: hot air popcorn popper, waffle iron, brita filter (yes, my kids will love these as much as we will!)


dh: new bike helmet and gloves

dd: karaoke machine and a few discs of karaoke music

ds: a real trumpet


I get to have lots of fun though, because all my relatives are across the country and they send money to buy the kids stuff from them. They miss them so much and they're the only kids on dh's side.


So I bought dd (with their money, from them): a few Lamplighter books, carpet skates, wii Music, a ukelele, a "Pillow Pets" dolphin, binoculars and bird watching book, Wilton's icing accessories, a cookbook, a few gift cards.


I bought ds (with their money, from them): a guitar, an accordian, a pretend stove with pots and pans, Alphie the robot, a lap harp with case and music sheets, an easel, The Honeytree game, a "Pillow Pets" bumblebee, and something I'm forgetting.


It's great to get the kids things from their family that I know they'll like! There are many benefits to living across the country! :D

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Myself: Miche Big Purse & Shell

DH: PS3, PS3 Games x3, Xanadu DVD Movie, Nike Shoes & WoW Expansion

DD7: Life Like Newborn Doll Set, Bendaroos, Pony on a Stick, Dragon Puppet & tons of stocking stuffers!

DD5: Dollhouse with Accessories, Unicorn on a Stick, Magnetic Doll Set, Mega Building Blocks Set & tons of stocking stuffers!

DS23months: Plush Rocking Horse, Toddler Music Ipod, My first RC Firetruck, Pull Frolicking Frog Toy & tons of stocking stuffers!

All Kids: Inflatable GIANT bowling set


I'm all done shopping. Just need to start the wrapping process! Oh and I need to nab some batteries and get those in the items before wrapping! :D

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DD 2.5 dollhouse

DD 7 ballet barre, microscope

DS 4.5 plan toys eco-town, 2 Star Wars costumes


Together they will get 6 puppets and I'm making a doorway puppet theater.

They will also have art supplies and some musical instruments in their stockings.


We also bought Blokus as our Christmas Eve game. I might get around to some new pj's but we'll see.


Dh and I don't exchange gifts. We will next year as the kids are getting older, but we just pick up things as needed.

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DH and I just got new phones, so that's part of it.


DH: slippers, car parts for the Mustang he's restoring

dd10: fuchsia cowgirl boots, velour track suit, knifty knitter/yarn, small suitcase, fashion design toy, Liv doll, Lost Hero book

ds6: cowboy boots, Indy book, 2 DS games, suitcase, Darth Vader Costume, tool set with real tools, Star Wars toy

together they will also get the Playmobil Pyramid and Sphynx. That's the big gift from my folks.


These are not just from dh and I, but also both sides of grandparents too, and the kids gifts to eachother.


I am asking for some Dansko shoes. I need them badly. I also thought they could always get me some earrings or something. My new phone was a pretty big deal!

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DVD box set of the first season of Glee

warm snuggly chamois shirt


Alex, age 5.5:

Victorian wooden dollhouse (well, a kit to make one for her)

Secrets of Droon vol. 1-25 (used from eBay; not as extravagant as it sounds)

Cardboard fold-out Nutcracker ballet theater with paper doll dancers

Simple origami book and origami paper


Colin, age 22 months:

Metal toy shopping cart with wooden play food

Latches board (like a puzzle, but with fasteners to do and undo)

Little wooden rescue vehicles


I also know that my parents are giving the kids:

For Alex, two games: Perfection and Cranium Hullabaloo

For Colin, a boy doll, doll bed, and doll stroller


I am so excited about this Christmas! I know the kids will be absolutely thrilled.

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We are still trying to gather ideas from the kids. This year is really hard because our oldest ones have hardly any ideas!


Dh and I agreed not to buy for each other. We will do shopping as a family this week and if the kids want to pick something out for dh or me, we will let them.



- A clock/radio/cd player/iPod player (we have an iPod but she will be getting one of her own for her 13th birthday)

- Puzzle

- fancy pens and stationary (she has a pen collection)



- a smaller clock radio/cd player

- jewelry box (maybe)

- ??



- Barbie of some kind

- Webkinz (maybe)

- nightstand (again, maybe...if we can find a reasonably priced one at an antique store)

- Books



- Lego set

- Remote control monster truck

- ??


Family gifts

- 3 Wii games

- Blokus

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Family gift for everyone but me: Rock Band 3, RB3 Pro Drums, RB3 microphone, RB3 Guitar, RB3 Keyboard and stand.


Family gift: Ticket to Ride and an expansion


DD12 Schleich animals, Littlest Pet Shop, MP3, Owl Pillow, Owl Folkmanis puppet and baby Owl, twirled paper Klutz book, Wii game, scooter, DS game, earrings...


DD4 Schleich animals, bath toys, free standing tether ball, Turtle Folkmanis puppet, wood condiments for her kitchen, doll...


DS16 Warhammer figures, Reaper paints, Shuuro (chess game from UK), another game ?? title (I forgot what it is), Wii Epic Mickey, Warhammer books...


DH a gun cleaning kit, watch, North Face Jacket


Me: two Denby items (I buy my own gifts), new coat,

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What! I do love me a man in a pair of cowboy boots. ;)


I wish I felt that way! I can't get past the sound they make on hard surfaces, like he's wearing my high-heels. He's already got one pair though, so if hearing them click-clack across the kitchen floor hasn't killed me yet I should be okay with a second pair. :lol:

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DH: airplane other things

DS 1 still not quite sure

DS2 watch, itunes card, Sports Illustrated Subscription, Auburn t-shirt, skull candy ear buds

DS 3 World racer legos, loopz, hotwheels r/c, k nex coaster

Baby Girl Madam Alexander Forever Friends dolls, doll bed, salon styling chair, outfits, lite brite, play hair set, make up set

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Dh-a new bath sheet and a saw


Me-clothes and a surprise


Dd 16-Carhartts, cattle panels and a bolt cutter


Ds 14 xbox 360 and games and a dress watch


Dd 12 Kinects, games, clothes and watch


Dd 4 American girl doll and horse, Webkin and clothes


Dd 1-Bitty baby and accessories and clothes

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Here's what I have on the list so far-

Dh- Samuel Adams beer glasses that he's been wanting. http://estore.samueladams.com/product_details.aspx?item_guid=45f013f8-7d56-4853-8136-cfd1c3ea3a45

some small tool that he wants at Lowes it will fit in his stocking along with other stocking stuffers: water filters for his coffee pot, a new paper towel holder for his work towels in the garage, I broke off the last one. A Smallish Colts flag for the window and a $50 Papa John's gift card.

Family Gift- X-box Kinect (we already own an X-box system)

DD- Harry Potter books (this will be her main gift Christmas morning along with stocking stuffers of (three books, a brush/mirror purse thing, Smencils, gloves and an X-Box Kinect game.

DS- three books each, gloves, combs, Star Wars Mystery Minifigures, 3 each and Star Wars Bobble heads and a video game each.


I got all of the books through Scholastic for FREE, I order them for our co-op and had enough points. They will also be

opening on Christmas eve- a pair of pajamas and books. I still need to get two gifts for the boys on Christmas morning, probably Legos. Also, I may get DH Assassins Creed, I have a $15 off coupon for Kmart and it's on sale with another coupon for $20 a video game that prints out. I've been able to get all of the video games for at least $15 off of the original price. I have paid cash for all things.

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Amazon gift card

H&M gift card

Converse gift card (to make her own personalized Chuck Taylors)

Mark Jacobs Daisy perfume

slipper boots

scarf with fingerless gloves (why people want those is beyond me, but....she asked)

stocking stuffer stuff (lip gloss, blush, scarf/gloves)



Zhu-Zhu Pets ninja something or other

Clothes for ZZ pets

Battle arena for ZZ pets

Nerf gun

Clay craft thing



Sparks Scooter


Velour pants/jacket

(Her birthday was yesterday, and she got Fuzzoodles and a game for her DS)



LL Bean Wicked Good Clog slippers (I know, because I bought them to replace the ones I've had for years that just fell apart)


All of us (including the ex, who lives with us right now):

Tickets to West Side Story at the Fox Theater

Wii Just Dance


I also gave the kids a small amount of money to buy for each other and their dad. We went to Target yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN watching them pick out just the perfect things. I also thought it was sweet that they each picked out something for me, too, and I had to go away while they made their purchases so I wouldn't see.

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Well, I started my shopping with the four-things Christmas rhyme, but then I added a few lines because I wanted to include a couple of other things. So here, it goes like this (and now I have exhausted my creativity for 2011!):


Something you want, something you need,

Something to wear, something to read,

Something for school, something for play,

Will come to you this Christmas day


DD8 is getting horseback riding lessons (want); new shirts that fit (need); robe, slipper socks, nightgown (wear, but also need since we're keeping the heat down this winter!); Usborne drawing book and Mad Libs book (read); tea set for Bravewriter-style tea time (school--shared with DD5); and American Girl horse (play)


DD5 is getting a Big Top Cupcake baking set (want); robe, slippers (need); nightgown (wear, but also need); tea set for Bravewriter-style tea time (school--shared with DD8); and Zingo (play)


This is all in addition to the goodies in their stockings: mix CDs made by their dad, a small purse for DD8, a pretty little tooth fairy box for DD5, chocolate coin candy, Bananagrams, etc.


However, I'm stuck on "read" for DD5, since she pretty much likes me to read anything and everything, but not more than once or twice. I hate spending a lot of money on books at this point, especially we already have a pretty good collection! I'll come up with something though :001_smile:


DH is getting a very nice, very expensive watch, and I don't know what I'm getting. I broke down and gave DH an Etsy wish list (mainly earrings), but last time I looked, he hadn't bought anything off it, so he may have ideas of his own :001_wub:

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Dh: Cruiser bike or new shoes

Ds: bike, rock kit, knight costume, and a few books

Dd: bike, Hello Kitty nail polish, a few art supplies, a look and find Tangled book


What I got myself: Pre de Provence soaps for next year (I'm pregnant, so I can justify that :))


Grandma, Grandpa and their families tend to inundate with gifts, so we are just fine :)

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DH - He just bought a completely impractical 2000 Honda Insight. It has two seats, virtually no storage, and it's 10 years old, but he's wanted one since before they were released. He'll be selling his perfectly practical (and much newer) mid size sedan to fund it. I'm happy he's getting the car he's wanted for a long time.


Baby boy - Zany Zoo activity cube


Me - I'm hemming and hawing over a sewing machine. My sister is making me a pretty new apron, and my parents are putting together 72 hr survival backpacks for the family.

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DS12 and DD10 are getting Razor Pocket Mods.


DS12 will also get a soccer rebounder and some small stuff (on the top of his list is a brownie from Potbelly Subs).


DD10 will get a few other things, too.


DD3 is getting an upcycled dollhouse (it was her sister's) and dollhouse furniture/people.


Bud is getting some tools (he always wants tools), and I am getting clothes from my favorite shop in our little downtown.

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We are almost finished shopping. We wrapped most of the presents last night.


DS 17 - jeans, polo, and t-shirt; toolkit for his car; electric razor (from ds13 & dd9); airsoft gun; movie; and still have one more gift to get


DD 13 - polo, t-shirt; 2 Xbox games (one from dh and I, the other from ds17 and dd9); Wii remote; airsoft gun; still have a movie to get


DD9 - boots; snuggie and pj bottoms; American girl clothes for her dolls, AG slippers and AG nightgown for her; Scrapbook Kit and Fashion Kit (from ds17 and ds13); AG Honey and Sugar pets; movie


We do 3 gifts from dh and I, one gift from each other (often combined depending on price), and we still do "Santa" although the kids all know it's from us.

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Husband: Coffee grinder


DD17: Gift card and art supplies

DD15: Mall GC and a makeup bag

DS10: Golf clubs

DS7: Golf clubs

DS5: Legos and a Nerf gun and Playmobil


Santa's book basket: A stack of books from the used bookstore, a movie and Twister.


Me: I got a BOGO deal on a spa pedicure, so I am giving one to my sis and one to me so that we can go together.



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DH: Travel mug that is also a coffee press from REI; gift certificate to the homebrew store

DD16: Cordless phone, money for her cell phone service

DD8: Unicorn pillow, hockey sweatshirt, to-be-determined baking item

DS8: Hockey stick, hockey sweatshirt, Gamewright game



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DH - got himself a new (used) car, so under the tree, from Santa he'll find a car care kit for his car, a radar-laser detector (since he drives too fast) and a couple of CD's.


From me to DH - I'm creating the "12 Dates of Christmas" - a date a month for 2011 where he gets something he gets to do solo, with me, with me and DS and/or with DS...each month has an envelope that contains the tickets, gift certificate or whatever to let him know his date that month.


DS made DH a card and a picture frame. I just had a photo session done with DS, so DH will also get pictures.


DS-6 - Santa is giving him legos, wii games, board games, arts & craft supplies, k'nex set, zhu zhu pets + activity ball, books, snap circuits, RC morphibian, and the lionel polar express train set


We're giving DS a computer that'll be in the family room since he's always using mine, so we'll set that up for him...along with it are a few educational-games since I prefer he not be on the internet yet.

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Dh: A puppy, bathrobe, a couple of funky things from Duluth Trading Co., a curling shirt.

Me: puppy (same puppy)

dd (13): puppy (same puppy) clothes, books, Wii game (sing it? I think?) Vera Bradley purse, some jewelry, some American Girl stuff.


The puppy was the big purchase here this year. The gift that keeps on giving! :D



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Me: Bamboo Craft

DH: Special kind of drill bits and the lego creationary game (the kids picked this out for him because they want him to play it with them:)) DH's gifts are kinda token gifts because he just went shopping for himself on some big items. We wanted him to still have something to unwrap!


Kids all have Christmas Birthdays, so this is a list of both Christmas and Birthday Gifts. I also shop for my grandparents...


DD 6: Playmobil tomb, Pyramid, and Sphinx (Pyramid and Sphinx from Gma&Gpa) and Nintendo DS, 3 DS games, AG knock of doll with homemade clothes.


DS 4: Rescue Hero wooden house set, fortamajig tent (tent and rescue hero from Gma and Gpa), legos basic bucket, lego construction vehicles, wooden erector set, trios blocks, take apart Airplane, and Wall-E movie.


DS 2: Lots of baby/signing time videos (from Gpa and Gma), homemade train table, duplos, and Playmobil 123 firetruck and dump truck.

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DH: ??? I need a good idea???, A 32 inch flat screen tv (for both of us...bought on black friday), work shoes


Me: A barely used Ipod touch 2gen 8gb, headphones, case, smartwool socks


DS10: Lego Harry Potter DS game, Final Fantasy the 4 Heroes of Light DS game, case for his DSi XL, nintendo dsi points, a dvd player for his room, wallet


DD8: 20 inch Adora boy doll (with red hair...is adorable!), clothes/blankets/stuff for her doll, a Melissa and Doug stuffed King Charles Spaniel dog, World of Zoo wii game, panda Pillow Pet, books


DS4: Morgan's Mine talking railway system Thomas piece, 3 Thomas wooden talking railway trains, a Cat in the Hat matching game and the Cat in the Hat book, Turtle Pillow Pet, a Thomas puzzle, Thomas books


Everyone gets a new outfit and Pjs to wear on Christmas eve.

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From me to DH - I'm creating the "12 Dates of Christmas" - a date a month for 2011 where he gets something he gets to do solo, with me, with me and DS and/or with DS...each month has an envelope that contains the tickets, gift certificate or whatever to let him know his date that month.


This is such a great idea! Do you mind if I steal it for next year? Mine would absolutely LOVE that!

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Each one of the boys will get an ornament and a t-shirt unique to him. Something that signifies a milestone, hobby, favorite place special to him this past year.


As a group, I usually buy a few dvds and games for everyone to enjoy together. Among this year's dvds are comedy acts with Brian Regan, Tim Hawkins, and Bill Cosby. Comedy is always a hit with teenage boys.


Ds 15 wants a couple of LeCrae cds, a hoodie, a new cap, some chocolate, and some $.


Ds 13 wants some Legos and $.


Ds 11 wants an ipod nano (refurb.), a new bank, and some books


Ds 9 wants Legos, books, and an airsoft gun.


Ds 4 wants a viking helmet, an iron man helmet, a backpack, and a castle (getting the Melissa and Doug folding wooden castle.)


Dh wants a new 18 volt cordless drill, a couple of books, and some new shoes.


I got a kindle 3g, a cover, a Lands' End fleece nightgown, and some kitchen gadgets.

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DD- Playmobil Pyramid, second Roman Mysteries book, Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs, colored pencils, snap circuits, Calico Critters Persian Cat Family and Persian cat babies, KidPix software, Creativity Express software, Tales from the Odyssey audio book


DS- Refurbished green 16 GB Ipod Nano, newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Yu Gi Oh playmat, Yu Gi Oh cards, cd, Age of Mythology computer game, Lego Rock Band DS game


DH- Despicable Me DVD, something from the kids


Me- Probably nothing. I'd love an Ipad, but it's not in the budget right now.

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dh: bought himself shirts and long underwear from Cabela's (needs them for work)

me: nothing but would love a new camera, blender, and food processor ;)

ds 25: money/gift card

ds 23 and wife: money (they will most probably save it for their baby ;))

ds 21: money/gift card

ds 19: Ipod dock any money left over

dd 17: large wall clock for her room, picture frames and money

ds13: Xbox 360

dd 7: Our Generation horse with everything (1/2 price at thrift store); wooden barn from Craigslist (comes apart and is about 1 yd. by yd. etc. and 1yd. high); 3 breyer horses; a whole box of fisher price loving family horses, 4 people and other horses; with accessories from the thrift store; Snow Bunny Madame Alexander doll; two Best Friends Club, Ink. Dolls


dd 5: Our Generation horse with everything (same as above); finished wooden dollhouse from Craigslist (absolutely beautiful); 3 sets of Fisher Price furniture and 2 sets of FP people, 1 FP car...thrift store; I Heart Pink Madame Alexander Doll; 2 Liv Dolls; Madeline horse and carriage (from Craigslist)


Just want to say that the gifts for our 13 yr old, 7 and 5 yr. olds have money combined from my parents and Aunt. :)

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Family gift is 55" tv, wii with extra controllers and games. and a blue-ray player.


Dh tools, psp game (ds6 wanted to get him) and an rc rock crawler. (his hobby, not those ones from walmart or anything)

Ds14- new pair of Entie shoes, DC hat, warm winter socks, warm winter hat, wii games, ear buds (since he is forever breaking his), Craftsman tools, art supplies and possibly a new pair of wrestling shoes.

Dd12- A pair of Converse xxhigh shoes (she so had to have them), socks to go with them, wii game, scrapbook and tons of scrapbooking supplies, a new phone.

Ds6-Iron man toy that moves and stuff, new connect 4 game, snowboots, pjs, winter socks, wii games, GI Joe toys, 4 wheeler toy, and probably a few other things before it is done.

Plus everyone has stocking stuffers already.

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DH is getting 2 3-shelf stereo system racks (Woot Off); 2 wool sweaters from Cabela's (the only store that carries 2XL Tall in DH's preferred style), and 2 books.


As part of his present, the boys are going to put together the stereo racks. After we figure out where to put them, we will figure out how to wire DH's old McIntosh equipment so all the parts will work together. I'm not sure we still have all the wires or whatever they are called. Then we will cover the whole thing with beach towels and put bows on top. Hopefully, it will be ready to go so DH can fully enjoy listening to music the rest of us greatly dislike. Thankfully, I am well-stocked with earplugs for the rest of us. :D


Kids - iPods, books, stocking stuffers


Me -- No idea.

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DH: Skeletool (Leatherman Multi-Tool), Merrell Shoes, Slippers & lounge pants


DD7: Our Generation Doll w/ chest & clothes (and doll sized quilt that matches the one I made DD); vet/puppy set from brother; Strawberry Shortcake Cafe


DS3: HUGE GeoTrax Set that I got on eBay for $65; remote control car from sister; matchbox cars w/ mat; I made him a fleece scarf & hat set


Me: Kindle, Panini Press ???



Also both kids get new PJ's and books on Christmas Eve. ;) I stole that idea from someone here on the board...many thanks :)

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All kids receive: new pajamas and an ornament for the tree


Ds14: the new iPod touch

Ds13: Speakers for his iPod (he got a camera for his birthday and it was a combo gift!)

Ds10: Tony Hawk game for the Wii, Weather station

Dd4: Barbies, Bitty baby outfits, Barbie corvette, Beauty and the Beast DVD. Her big gift is a date with mom when we go to Disney - an appointment at the Bippity Boppity boutique and then lunch at Cinderella's Castle!

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