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Best Cookbook for GF,CF,SF baking???

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I did it! I bought a KA stand mixer! I've been wanting one for ages. I used to bake a lot before we knew about ds6's allergies and intolerances. Then I just quit completely, all the GF flour mixing just overwhelmed me (along with health issues).


But I'm feeling better these days and I believe we have ds6's yeast issues under control and I really want to start baking again.


Sooo, what cookbooks do you all recommend for gluten, dairy, and soy free baking? I would prefer something that had some baking with nut, bean and/or coconut flours along with the rice/tapioca/potato starch recipes. I just don't think we need to be consuming so much rice stuff all the time and I feel a whole lot better off of grains anyhow.


I'm all ears:D :bigear:

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cookingtf.com is a gf/sf menu mailer. I can't remember how much of it is df, but I'm pretty sure there were alternative suggestions.


She also has a book on lulu.com, however it is filled with general recipes from her menu mailer.


I actually did try out her menu mailer a couple years ago. I should go back and look through some of the recipes. The problem I had with it is that my family didn't care much for the main dishes. They are very good, but being from an Indian background they expect more 'spice'. I tried to just add more flavor, but it wasn't the same.


I really want something that just focuses on baking. Breads, muffins, cookies, rolls, etc.

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you might try http://foodgawker.com/post/category/gluten-free/






We are GF, SF, CF, sugar free and bunch of other things. I have had success with using a rice flour mix, but not much success with almond flour or coconut flour. I have recipes posted at my allergy blog http://quietlyrunningtherace.blogspot.com/


I want to keep an eye on this post too. I have much to learn about cooking allergy free for my ds.

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