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Salmonella or not...

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You don't know how hard it is for me to not lick the bowl these days when we make brownies or whatever the case may be. But I don't. My kids never get to do it. I always have "salmonella" in the back of my head. But it seems like such a intrinsic part of childhood for them to have to miss out on :P


Do most of you all do it anyway, or no?

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I personally eat my eggs really runny all the time..... but I don't let my kids eat raw dough or lick the beaters when I make batter. I have a strange sense that I am somehow immune after all those years of eating raw eggs -- highly unscientific, but I have always liked raw eggs/meat/fish. I just don't have the confidence to feed them to my kids.

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We always eat dough and lick the beaters and bowl. I let everyone have their share, too.


We also eat uncooked pies with raw eggs in it. In fact, we had them yesterday at our Christmas party. Pioneer Woman's french silk pie with 4 raw eggs in it and another pie I make with 2 raw eggs in it.


I try to remember to warn other people when serving the pie so they can make their own decision though. No one's ever turned the pie down.


The only time I've had food poisoning that I know of (as in puke/diarrhea at the same time) was from lunch at Disneyland.

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I used to eat it, but don't now. At first I figured I ate it so much as a kid, it was just another one of those overblown fear-mongering things.


But when I looked it up, some articles said that in fact there really didn't use to be as much of a salmonella problem years ago (when we ate as kids) as there is now. (Which figures, considering the decreasing quality of food processing.) Even then I still would eat it.


THEN I read about how salmonella poisoning can trigger in some people some long-term immune response that resembles arthritis and can plague people for years. Doesn't happen often, but I just figured that was not worth the risk for one spoon (or more even!) of cookie dough. Especially not for my kid.


It does grieve me, though...

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