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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I had never seen them before so I wasn't sure. I absolutely loved them! What a great performance. Half the show was a Christmas production and the other half was their other music. I love that they play all kinds of music. We sat on the second level and the view was really good. We got a good overall view. I think sitting on the floor level would not give you the same perspective. I would defintely go see them again if given the chance.

Lora in NC

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We saw them from the very first row going up from floor level. It was a perfect place to sit. I'd think you'd want to sit lower, looking up at the lasers rather than at the same level or above them.


My advise, though, is to take aspirin/tylinol/ibuprofen because the show is so visual stimulating that you will get a headache.


It was awesome though. I'm looking forward to taking my kids to see them some day.

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