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If your kids are into Nerf guns...

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I just bought some Nerf (and Nerf-ish ;)) guns for ds at what seem to be great prices, so I thought I'd pass the info along.


Walmart has the Nerf Maverick gun on sale for $8.00. We bought one in the store last night, but the same deal might be available online.


Amazon.com has quite a few of their Buzz Bee guns on sale. I just bought the Twin Tek 6 Blaster set (2 guns and 24 foam darts) for 5.99, and the Belt Blaster (with 30 darts) for 9.99.


Here are the links:


Belt Blaster: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0023NVEH0/ref=oss_product


Twin Tek 6: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002EJ6HLQ/ref=oss_product


They had other guns on sale, too, but these seemed to be the best-reviewed. They had a few motorized guns, too, but we've found that those usually jam.



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LOVE nerf guns here. Ds (9) has about 10 of them so far and he's still asking for more. We got him the Longstrike for Christmas and what seems like an endless supply of darts. He "mods" all his guns, sawing off pieces and refitting with PVC pipes and other stuff :glare: . He'll also paint the guns (we avoid black) and watch YouTube videos on how to do more things to the guns. He loves it and it's interesting to watch him be so into something.


Thanks for the links. I'm checking them out now.

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Wow, are we the only Nerf gun fans? There must be more of you hiding out there, ready to blast me with foam pellets when I'm not looking! :D






My boys are huge fans. I, on the other hand, adopted a strict "No Weapons in the House" policy several years ago. I get tired of running over nerf darts with the lawnmower, so I'm avoiding the purchase of anything else with foam darts.

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The Maverick rocks! :)


I was going to order one of the battery operated Nerf guns, but I'm not sure which would be the best choice. The neighbor kids have one that jams constantly, but I'm not sure which model it is.


I'm also a little concerned about the battery powered ones shooting out the darts too quickly, and most of them getting lost within a few days. And if one of those guns jams and a kid looks inside the barrel to see what happened, I'm afraid it could accidentally fire the dart and put an eye out.


I'm one of those paranoid moms.



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