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Has anyone here had success using swimming(as your main exercise) to lose weight?

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Until recently swimming was my main exercise. My schedule now only permits swimming once a week if that. For me, the positives were that I got a terrific workout that hit all muscle groups, I used butterfly drills to hit core muscles. With swimming I have found that I get hungrier after exercise more than any other workout. So, when I returned to swimming as an adult I learned I had to resist the urge to eat after a workout. The big hunger I'd have after a workout would subside after a while. After many months I no longer felt so terribly hungry after a workout. I have heard other swimmers and triathletes mention this phenomenon of wanting to eat more after swimming. So, my only caution with swimming is to initially watch your food intake and don't eat more than normal.


I recommend using drills that include intervals. I also recommend using multiple strokes in a workout to hit different muscles. There are many good books on drills. You also need to set goals just like would with other workouts. Looking at drills you find on the internet or in books like Total Immersion can help create your own workout and set goals.


I need to loose weight and have needed to for years. During the first 4 months of this year I lost ten pounds solely swimming. I watched what I ate, but didn't diet. My exercise routine was disrupted over the summer. I have since lost another 10 pounds doing other activities. So, I believe you can be successful swimming, both for improving fitness and achieving weightloss.

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In Oki I did water aerobics. I loved it. I wish I could have swam, but I couldn't work the timing out. It's one of the things I plan on doing when my son is old enough to stay by himself for awhile.


One of the things l loved about the water aerobics was I really did feel I was using more muscles. And the water gave me a chace to do much better stretches than I could ever do on dry land. (Remember what Patric Swayze says: "The best place to learn lifts is in the water!")


Even if you don't feel like you are losing weight, you'll certainly be putting on muscle! Take full advantage of being able to stretch! Think water yoga!


And the best part is I hate the drippy with sweat feeling! You just feel so much better getting out of a pool than you do coming out of nasty gym!


Good luck!


So glad you brought this up! I'm going to check and see if they've got registration for the new town indoor pool figured out yet!

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No--and I once read (don't know if it's true) that swimming may not help with weight loss because mammals who live in the water tend to have layers of fat and maybe being in the water triggers fat storage? (Certainly not for kids in the summer pool, which makes me wonder.)


It's a great cardio exercise though and easy on your joints if you're overweight.

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