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HS in the middle-of-nowhere

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We are doing travelling at the moment, but have stopped for a few months in a town of 5000 people in the desert to work. The nearest 'big' town, is three hours away. We will be here till March.


I loved our HS group back home. I know the usual non-HS based socialising things like going to the local swimming pool, and sporting activities. There is plenty of that here. What do people in the middle of nowhere do about the HS contact? Is it just HS camps, or is there something else I'm missing? I think I might have just been spoilt that I though our HS group was so integral to HSing in general that I wonder what to do without it.


What do you do for that support, for Mum, and for kids, when there is no HS group around?

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I have no idea, but that sounds like such a great experience, the traveling and stopping in random places and just experiencing different aspects of life. I wish I could do it!


Is there something you can do to volunteer, you and the kids? Then you can start feeling the people you meet out to find out whether there are any homeschool opportunities...you can look on meetup.com, you can use online support, if there's a library, you can ask there, if there's a public school, you can ask them do they have homeschoolers (who would have to report to the public school)...


not sure what else to suggest, I've never been in that situation!

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