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DS 11 is in the hospital with the flu, He can't

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Friday, so he was there 3 days. I didn't think they discharged over the weekends. He is doing better. He actually ate a small meal on Thursday evening after not having or being able to keep anything down since last week. He still has the constant coughing and some wheezing. Fortunately, he has a good pediatrician (so wished he had privileges at the hospital) and is on a round of steriods and antibiotics for his lungs problems. DS has asthma and any cold can be serious.

Let me say that this has been an experience that I would not like to repeat. Going from one ER to another and then hospitalization was overwhelming. The amount of questions asked and repeated, I did have his medication list on my computer, but in the rush of things, I didn't think about printing it out. As it was I forgot my glasses and I am supposed to use them when I drive.

This last part of the year has been a doozy. My mother-in-law died suddenly in September, my hubby's back went out and DS was hospitalized.

If I get Christmas cards done, it would be a miracle. I am not sweating it. They will probably go out the 1st of the year if at that.

To end on a good note. I am thankful that we have health insurance and that we have doctors and hospitals that we can go to. I am thankful for the friends on-line and in person who have prayed for our family. I am indeed blessed!

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Thank you so much for posting the update -- I kept checking for one, and was worried that your son was still in the hospital, but hopeful that he was doing better and you were just too busy taking care of him to have the time to get online.


I hope he's completely well soon! :grouphug:



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