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Quick Thanks to those who recommended T-Tapp


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It has been just right for me - been using it regularly since the beginning of November. Working out makes me hungry, so I eat more than ever, but today I'm wearing jeans that haven't fit for over a year.


Although when her chants started running through my mind at odd times last week, I began to wonder...!:tongue_smilie:

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I like T-tapp because:

I can do it at home so there's no drive time

I can do either a longer or shorter workout, so there's no excuse not to exercise every day (unless ill).

The Tempo DVD has no waiting around time like the Wii has.

I really feel like I get an overall workout, rather than just certain muscles on the NordicTrac or other machines.

The more I think about what I'm doing, the more I get out of it, so it engages my brain. I expect this is the primary reason it appeals to me.

Diabetes and heart disease are rampant in my family, and I've dealt with hormone issues. All I can say is that in less than two months, my hormone swings already feel significantly less.

Her mannerisms are less irritating in the higher level dvds.

I just started Ladybug level one and can't get through the last two moves - so it seems like I'll be really challenged for quite a long time. (Her evil twin is an agonizing torturess)

Dh likes me doing it so much that he learned how to make waffles for everyone yesterday while I did my workout :001_smile:.


Just can't say how grateful I am that I found out about it here on these boards - especially because I don't hop over to this general board very often.


Thanks again!

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