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Computer people, please help! I want to uninstall Google Toolbar 5 and...

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I've removed the Google toolbar before, and I didn't do anything special. IIRC, I clicked "start", went to the control panel, clicked on "add or remove programs", and removed it from there. I wanted it off my computer permanently, so I didn't run into your problem with auto updating.


I'm not sure you can easily disable the auto update feature, which means when you reinstall v. 4, it will auto update you to v. 5.


Some people seem to have had success with uninstalling v. 4 or v. 5, and installing version 3, and then someone posted about this on Google Groups:


"had done the uninstall and reinstall thing several times, only to

have version 4 reinstall itself in a matter of minutes online. But

then I tried something that has not been mentioned specifically yet.

I set the Google Folder properties to "READ ONLY" and Google tool bar

is going on 8 hours now at the old version 3. It made sense to me to

change the security tab settings to deny, but I never was able to see

anything in the property settings that dealt with security settings for

the Google folder and the link to Microsoft that was given as help to

explain it was dead. Setting to read only seems for now at least to

have solved the update problem. "


I also found this:


If you wish to stick to a particular version of Google Toolbar and do not want your toolbar to

be automatically updated you can disable the auto-update by:


1. Blocking it in your firewall


2. Putting this line in your c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file : toolbar.google.com



Otherwise, I don't think you can uninstall auto update.


Also, I am not a computer person. I am a try something, anything until I find something that works person, and I practice these trial and error skills on my computer as often as it is required. So you may want to wait until someone else answers your post.

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