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Hey Lapbookers! Just for fun, share what lapbooks your family is working on now!


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We've been enjoying lapbooks more than ever this year, and right now are working on a few.


1. A Leonardo Da Vinci lapbook, downloaded from who know's where LOL. Great fun.

2. The New World Explorers Lapbook from Homeschool in the Woods: this one is HUGE and I anticipate it will take us 2-3 months to complete, as we only work on it twice a week.

3. The Operation Grammar lapbook from In the Hands of a Child. A fun way to cement grammar information, using real books.

4. A new addition, the Astronomy Basics Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central-got this one for only 5.99 after receiving a $10 coupon for subscribing to their newsletter.


I'd love to hear what others are working on, what's working for your family, and what's been a flop. I'm always looking to add new lapbooks to our stash :) We do make our own, but if I can find a pre-made one for cheap, they're easy to adapt.

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We are working on the Christmas unit by Amanda Bennett and are really enjoying putting together a lapbook as a family. We did this for Thanksgiving and LOVED it. I do all the cutting, my son does all of the writing, my dd does all the coloring, and my 2 yo does all the eating of the glue, uh, I mean "helping".

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We're "working" on an apple lapbook based on How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. We've been "working" on it for a while now, and I think it's pretty much on hold until after the holidays now. A pirate lapbook is on deck for ds 6 when we finish this one, and ds 4 will probably do one on an animal of his choice. I put most of ours together myself, although I do pull in as many ready-made (free) materials as I can find!

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