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Asking for prayers.

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I'm feeling really hurt & crushed by some people whom I thought were our friends. Lots of misunderstanding. Tried my best to clear it up, but only ended up looking like the bad guy in their eyes. I have tried so hard to do right in a precarious situation and it kills me inside to have people think I have had ill intent. Pray that I can let it go. That I can be gracious. That I can commit myself to "Him who judges justly". He knows my heart. But man, this really does hurt. :(

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I'm so sorry.


Praying for you!




PS. And if you are really and truly hurt, please don't think that you always have to be gracious and forgiving. Sometimes, you just have to lay your cards on the table and let people take it any way they'd like. You don't have to accept misunderstanding and mistreatment; if you're really angry with and hurt by these so-called friends, tell them how you feel.

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