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I am looking for an art kit for my 7 year old dd for Christmas. In the past, grandparents have given her art kits that contained everything- pencils, oil pastels, crayons, paints, etc. Great idea, but the supplies were junk. Does anyone make a kit like this with good supplies? We don't need top of the line, but something better than basic Walmart junk would be nice.

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Try dickblick.com


:iagree:This place is great: great prices, fast shipping, discounts (see top banner on homepage) deals on a regular basis, many levels of quality, including levels appropriate for children, returns done politely (they often tell me to "just keep it" for a small item....well, twice). I've gotten many of the basics there, and if you just ask (this often happens over on K-8 board), people will review specifics. The "blick brand" of various things, colored pencils etc, iis a GREAT DEAL.


(I don't own stock.:))

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I vote for dickblick.com as well. It's our go-to place. My opinion? Make your own kit - include wonderful watercolor crayons, brushes, black drawing pencils, watercolor paper, some different papers, etc.


In fact, I just had a couple ideas:


1. Look at the "art supply list" from the Artistic Pursuits curriculum that also gives tips on what to look for:




You could include an Artistic Pursuits book as well (we love it), OR


2. include a Usborne art book such as "Usborne Art Treasury" which looks really good and pick items from there that you'd need.

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