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Another Classical Conversations question...


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As I've posted before, there is a new chapter of Classical Conversations opening up here where I live. Its in a "trial mode" right now, but is going to be fully operating by next fall.


I'll have three going through CC if I choose to do it. The grades of my boys next fall will be 2nd, 4th, and 7th. Then the following year if we were still doing the CC program, I'd have a kindergartner too.

If my calculations were right - that's over $2000 just in program fees, building fees, etc. (for next fall, my three oldest) That doesn't cover curriculum needed for the program, right? Although buying used if possible will help cut down on those costs.


I'm just trying to really help justify it to my DH who'll have a cow when I tell him the $1200/year estimate I first gave him was not quite right...I didn't realize that my oldest son would be at the "Challenges" (?) level and that the fees were quite a bit more at that level.


Okay - one last question, I saw on the CC website that the program covers grammar, Latin, history, art/music, and even math. Is that true? So what needs to be taught at home- just reinforcing what's taught at CC? Or would I need to add quite a bit more to the math, English, and history to make it thorough enough?


I hope my questions make sense...its been a long day and my brain is swimming! lol



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We're in our first year at CCC and my daughter is in her kindergarten homeschool year. I am not sure how it works for the older grades, but in Grace's grade what we do in class is classified as "memory work" type stuff. You still have to have your own math and reading program at home. They do memory work for skip counting, and memorize grammar functions, history, science info, latin- but it's not really a FULL curriculum. That being said, the amount of information my daughter has learned this year is AMAZING! I am so impressed with what she's learned. We've gone more in depth with the history and science info during the week and she's had a lot of fun rabbit trails, KWIM? But I still do a separate language arts, math and science program at home.


I think it's worth EVERY penny. I had no idea my daughter had the capacity to take in so much information, and I don't think I would have ever even tried to get her to learn that much on my own. But she's having a blast and learning a massive amount of information each week. I'm truly amazed.


*I think the later grades might actually be doing a language arts program after school- I'm not sure...

* All the CC schools are different in their levels of organization, the types of people involved, etc., so check yours out and make sure you like the tutors and think the people are friendly. Our experience has been absolutely wonderful and we love our group, but I have heard some people talk about negative experiences as well.

* There is a website you can subscribe to for 6 dollars a month that has a lot of good bonus information for the classwork. We've gotten a lot of good supplementary info from there and it's been a good investment.

* You only need one set of curriculum for all the children unless they don't like to share....

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I am a new director for CC this year. When I went to visit a community I knew it was what had been missing from our homeschool. I have been homeschooling for 11 years and have one in college now.

The communities in our area were all full so I decided I could start a new one. We are full the first year!

I love the program and how much my kids are learning. My suggestion is to go and visit a community and go to an information meeting. This will answer a lot of your questions.

Foundations is for K4-6 and treaches memeory work, fine arts, science projects, and presentations.

Essentials is 4-6th grade and teaches grammar, writing and math drills.

As far as what this look like at home for us.... You need a math program as CC only teaches math facts. Also if you have kids learning to read you still need a phonics and spelling program. Everyone uses CC different so it is up to you. We use the memory work as our spine. CC is helping our kids put pegs into their brains and then build on that. Susan Wise Bauer talks about this in TWTM. I am here to tell you this really works! We read books about what we are memorizing. I also use it for copywork, dictation, drawing, and reading. The kids are having more fun and learning more this school year than ever before. And they remember it weeks later.

So my non-CC day looks like this:


Math 45 minutes

Language Arts 1 1/2 hour: This includes phonics, spelling, vocabulary, dictation, copywork, IEW, grammar

Memory work 30 minutes

Break for lunch

The rest of the day is spent reading about what we are studying. This includes Apologia science books that line up with our science memory work, historical fiction, anything that interests them.

It is a wonderful program that is very academically strong. It also gives the kids skills in public speaking and a place to make friends. My plan is to continue CC all the way through.


Lora in NC

CC Foundations and Essentials Director

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I have two children in our first year of CC. I am also a tutor for the Essentials class (the optional writing/grammar class for 4th through 6th graders).


I have been VERY pleased with the program and the curriculum. As a PP said, it is amazing what kids are capable of learning. To hear my girls singing the songs about history in the car, for example, tells me that things are getting in their brain and (hopefully) staying there. I also enjoy the social aspect of being with other parents and kids.


While I can't answer every question, I'll try to answer some:

-- Yes, you will need to purchase curriculum in addition to paying for the program. The good news is that your 2nd and 4th grader will use the same CC materials for Foundations.

-- At home, you will need to do math and language arts. You may want to do history, too (we use SOTW 2 and also the Usborne Encyclopedia). Science is your call. In CC there is a science experiment every week. We don't do additional experiments at home, but we do reading related to what they are doing in CC (this fall it is astronomy).

-- Yes, there is an expense with CC. You're paying for the tutor, the building space, etc. I chose to be a tutor to help offset the cost, and that has been the way our family handles it.

-- Challenge is a complete program, and the kids are there all day without parents. Foundations and Essentials (elementary programs) have parents with them in the class. If you have two kids, most parents rotate between classes, maybe every other week be with one child's class.


To me, CC is like the best of both worlds. Kids have "school" one day a week, and the rest of the week we study at home. For me, I like the friendships and accountability that come with the program. CC is not for everyone, but for us, it works.


Good luck with your decision!

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