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Awesome thrift store fine ....

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FIND, not fine. I'd hate getting fined at the thrift store, LOL.


I found a bag with 5-6 Willow Tree figurines in it, and two others being sold separately. The bag was $3.99 and the individual ones were .99 each! I am keeping 1-2, and have already sold 2 of the extras on eBay for $6.50 and $9.50. Will be listing the others soon ...



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I found nice, almost new Land's End boots for my 15dd today for $1. I picked up extra snow pants for $1 each for the family our church is adopting for Christmas---3 preschool kids--I figured even if they each got a new pair, a 2nd pair is very handy to have.


Then the kids clothes were all 50 cents each so I picked up hoodies, some name brand long sleeve shirts and 2 pair of name brand pants (1 jeans and 1 knit pants) for my girls for 50 cents an item.


Ds is getting a new bowling ball for Christmas so I picked up a $3 case for that as well---he said a used case was fine as long as he got the new ball.

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