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Here is some information about dragees that you might find interesting. And to answer your question, no I would not eat the metallic coated dragrees if there was no ingredients list on the container. I do allow nonpareils though as they are mostly sugar and starch.


This thread at Chowhound might interest you too.

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We grew up eating them in the olden days. lol


Me too. They were hard as rocks and didn't have any discernible flavor. I'm not sure why I bothered, other than they looked so cute on the little frosted Christmas tree cookies each year.


Really? They're labeled not edible? I'd let a kid try a few if they showed up as sprinkles on someone's cookies. I doubt anybody would want many of them. Most of us got over them real quick!

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According to wiki they are listed as edible in most countries. If you ate them every day it probably wouldn't be good for you, but a little probably won't hurt. I have definitely eaten them.


Bring back the olden days! When kids sat where and as they wished in the car(or not!), when we ate whatever we wanted without any social ramifications whatsoever! Life was so much more simple then.


When I was 13 my family was in a car accident. Two of my younger sisters had been sitting in the back of our station wagon. My youngest sister hit the dome light of the car and required 60+ stitches to close her head up. I think requiring kids to wear seat belts is a good thing.

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I discovered this when I lived in CA about 15 years ago and wanted the silver & gold dragees to decorate a gingerbread house. You could not buy them anywhere! :glare: Now I buy the unfinished white dragees and shake them in a bag with luster or pearl dust. The dusts go a long way and last forever so they're worth it to me, especially since I decorate a lot a cakes and cookies.

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