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Happy birthday, Mom!

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A very Happy Birthday to you!:party:


Because of your encouragement (through your books and talks), we have built many wonderful school memories in our home. I am not sure I would have had the courage to take two of my childen out of their classical school and never send my third if it wasn't for the Well Trained Mind. You have truly touched generations.

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Happy Birthday!


When my oldest child was 18 months old, I stumbled across The Well-Trained Mind in our library. Without looking too closely, I brought it home, thinking to learn something about how to train my *own* mind. I didn't notice that the book was about homeschooling and thought it was written for autodidacts. My world exploded open that evening as the thought of teaching my own children became real, achievable, and normal. I have never looked back. Thank you for pioneering the way. It must have been terrifying in many ways, not mention all the Pass the Bean Dip conversations *you* must have had! You have been an inspiration to a whole generation of parents and we can never thank you enough for what your courage has made real for us. Thank you for expecting the best from us, thank you for assuming that other parents must want and could achieve what you had, and thank you for specific curricula recommendations.:D

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Happy Birthday! I can honestly say that it is your writing which gave me the confidence to begin homeschooling my son. Our lives will never be the same! Whenever I lose my way, I re-read the first edition of TWTM and hear your words speak, seemingly, directly to me with warmth, common sense, and encouragement. Thank you, thank you, with all my heart! :)



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Happy Happy Birthday!!!!


I want to thank you...thank you....thank you....for all you have done for me and my family. Your faithfulness to your family has blessed our family in every aspect of every day. I can never say how much I appreciate you. Have a happy birthday and God bless you. Once again, thank you!


~~Faithe, Mark and our well-trained kids

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Guest CarolineUK

Happy Birthday Mrs Wise!


From another family who couldn't have made it this far in our homeschooling journey without you.


DS3 just started OPGTR this week ...

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Happy birthday, Mrs. Wise! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to education over the years--first with your own kids, and now, thanks to your writings and lectures, with ours.


My daughter loved OPGTR, and she is now an avid and accomplished reader thanks to those lessons. We live by The Well-Trained Mind, First Language Lessons, and the whole Wise/Bauer library. I can hardly imagine how dreary and un-reading-like our lives would be now if it weren't for you. :001_smile:


Thank you so much for everything you've done in the past and all that you do now. You are so appreciated.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :hurray:

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Isn't it amazing how all your hard work paid off more than you could have possibly imagined during those days when you were probably really struggling being such a pioneer in this field?


The First Language Lessons book is really inspired I think. My daughter loved it more than any of her other books for that age, and she still has fond memories of it!


I have all three editions of the WTM and would never have been able to do this without the books and this board.


Thank you and Happy Birthday!



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Happy birthday Mrs. Wise! Thank you for forging such a wonderful path, and for writing the guides we needed to follow along behind you!


And thank you for your trips to Cincinnati, where you spoke words of encouragement to me, and countless others.


May the coming year be filled with good health and great joy!

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