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Do I want a Kindle or Nook?

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I want to download all the FREE books to read myself and for our school time


I want access to internet to read stuff online (is this possible with either or both?)


Can I read blogs with either of these? There are times I would like to be able to read lengthy things online in a more comfortable spot that in my computer chair.

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Sounds like either would work for you. The main difference between Kindle and everyone else right now is that you can't put library books on a Kindle easily. If you don't care about library books, then it doesn't really matter which eInk device you get.


Web browsing isn't a great experience on any eInk device, so it doesn't matter if you get a Kindle or Nook. It's certainly possible, but not convenient since eInk takes a long time to display a web page in comparison to an LCD screen.

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If web browsing is important for this device, maybe an iPad? I wanted a device for reading exclusively and after handling the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, I chose the Kobo. I can get library books on it, which was an important factor for me, and I liked the way it felt in my hands better than the other two.

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If you want internet access, look for a tablet instead of a dedicated e-reader.

Apple's iPad is the most popular tablet on the market right now, but there are others too.

To get you started, here are links to tablet reviews on PC Mag's website: link.


Edited to add: DH just got me an iPad, but I'd been planning to hold out until Blackberry's PlayBook is released before deciding which tablet to buy.

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