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What are your 'go-to' vacation meals?

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i'm heading off for a week in a condo and I haven't done my usual cook ahead to take with us. We will hit the grocery store when we get there are make many meals in the hotel. Breakfast is easy. What are your favorite meals for cooking on vacation? Think easy, minimal clean up, use only the tools on hand in condo, minimal spices and special ingedients, etc.



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We just got back from vacation in a condo, maybe some of my faves will help you. You can add salad to any meal.

Pasta w/ sauce & bread ( you can buy jarred sauce or make your own the night before)

Rotisserie chicken w/ instant potatoes, bread & item from salad bar ( the grocery store usually has a meal deal on this w/ potato salad, baked beans etc)

Tacos, canned corn & rice

Hamburger Helper & canned green beans

Hot roast beef sandwiches ( sliced deli roast beef, jarred gravy & hoagie rolls), instant potatoes & canned green beans or frozen broccoli

Pot Roast in crock pot w/ disposable liner ( Yes, I take my crock pot on vacation), with carrots and potatoes thrown in, & bread

BBQ Chicken quarters in crock pot or on foil lined baking sheet, oven potatoes or boiled potatoes w/ butter & garlic, canned corn/ green beans/ other veggie


For desserts, on vacation I am lazy and buy ice cream and oreo's.




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I don't know how soon you're leaving, but if you had one more day at home, you could put a pork butt in the oven (rub it w/salt, pepper, & whatever spices you want), and cook it all day at 250F until it falls apart. Shred it, let it cool, put it in a container. When you get to your destination, buy buns, bbq sauce and cole slaw & voila, there is dinner for a couple of days. (This is what we did when we went to Disney recently.)


I guess if you don't have enough time, you could do it there in a crockpot.

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We did this last year and we're doing it again this year!


Spaghetti/jarred sauce/garlic bread/broccoli

chicken pot pie - made ahead and frozen so we just needed to heat it up

Chili - made ahead and frozen

Sloppy joes - using the leftover chili

Hot dogs/hamburgers


I love vacations! They give me permission to cook things I normally wouldn't and buy convenience foods I just don't buy usually! Of course, we also go out to eat quite a bit!

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