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s/o Jean thread - skinny jeans

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I'm in my early 30s and just bought a pair to wear with some new knee-high boots, because all my boot cut jeans looked goofy tucked in the boots. I personally wouldn't wear them without my boots and a slightly longer shirt. If you think they look good, go for it!

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Another member of the "47 and wearing them" club!


They look really nice with boots or ballet flats, but if you wear them with cross-trainers, your feet will look HUGE! (Ask me how I know... ;) Luckily, I saw myself in a full-length mirror right before I walked out of the house!)



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I am 39 and I wear them. The key to not getting a muffin top is to buy pants that fit. I scratch my head in wonder at people who go out of the house in pants that are way too small.:confused: It is unattractive, regardless of age.


Skinny jeans with boots or ballet flats is one of my favorite looks! Have you seen the skinny cords? To die for!:001_smile:

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