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Singapore math -which books?

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Hello All,

I am new to this forum, and found parents talking about Singapore math as a success. My kids (2nd grader and 1st grader) goes to top tanking PS in CA, and they Everyday MAth , and I kind of dont feel satisfied with that.

I want to give them more challenge, and thought SIngapore math would work since most parents talk +ve about it. BUt not sure which books my kids need. I gave then placement tests, both passed scoring 90% on ist and 2nd grade tests.

Please mention the name of books I should order (or any links), since I looked on AMazon, and parents gave comments that they were not REAL singapore math books..so just confused!

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Welcome to the boards!


Instead of amazon, go to singaporemath.com, they sell the original singapore workbooks not the newer versions.


There are several workbooks and a couple different editions. The Standards Edition would probably be best for you since your in California and it is meant to follow the Cal. school requirements.


There are two sets for each year, for example a 1st grader would have the 1A text and the 1B text along with the 1A workbook and 1B workbook. Then there are the 'extras'. The Intensive Practice books, the Extra Practice books, and the Challenging Word Problems books. There are also the Home Instructor Guides, these are for you as the parent and help to teach you how to teach the Singapore way.


Most people get the texts, workbooks, and the Challenging Word problems, and many also use the intensive practice books. This gives a good all round foundation of the program.



All that said, we use Math Mammoth and it's going great for us. Singapore is definitely a solid program and I feel Math Mammoth is just as solid but has all the problems in one place.

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