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We made the paper!

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OK, so it's a tiny local paper but still, the dc were thrilled to see their picture and read their story in yesterday's paper. I am thrilled to live in a town that highlights topics such as homeschooling and does so in a positive light. http://www.prescottvalleytribune.com/main.asp?SectionID=74&SubSectionID=409&ArticleID=53214


The only thing wrong was the statement that my 12yod is in a different grade than her 13yo brother. I couldn't get the reporter to understand that age does not equal grade level in homeschooling! Yes, it is possible to have 3 dc of different ages yet all in the same grade.

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Lee - Not only did I only have 4 dc, I also thought I might not have more! God has different plans (thank goodness!) :)


It's been fun to be out in the community and have people stop us and ask if we are the family in the paper. I love, love, love living in a small town where others encourage us in our endeavors rather than discouraging us.

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