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Is Brain Pop worth the money?


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We use it a lot. I've had issues with both my health and one of my kids, who suffers from a chronic illness. Sometimes, BrainPop is the only "school" we get to in a day while running from doctors offices and being sick in bed. Of course, the kids are always reading so they are learning that way but these videos change things up a bit.


I used to try to get videos from the library but as life got busier and more hectic, or health was failing around here, it got harder and harder to get to the library and my fines were getting out of hand. Just last week, I rang up $15 (now up to $20 :glare:) in fines for videos I had wanted the kids to watch. :banghead:


I like that BrainPop is always available, they don't charge me late fees or fines for not picking up videos in time :glare:. They cover a wide range of topics that appeal to all my kids, and my kiddos have learned quite a bit. I also like the little printed quiz feature and use that quite a bit.


Overall, for *us* the money has been well worth it and I won't hesitate to renew our subscription.

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We had it for a year and barely used it. I know some people love it though. My kids loved the week free trial so I decided to pay for the whole year and a couple weeks after I paid for it they kind of lost interest in it. We still used it some but I don't feel like it was worth the cost.


My kids didn't like Time4Learning either and for the most part we don't use many computer based programs.

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