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Swan Thieves by Kostova?

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Can anyone who has read it tell me about it? I was intrigued by the National Gallery of Art setting and art history plot. I really need to pick up a library book tomorrow for vacation. I read reviews that said "Kostova's typical themes of obsession". Can you tell me if there is anything dark or yuck in it? I want a happy art history mystery! Thanks!

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I'm a huge fan of Kostova because of The Historian, so I was excited to give Swan Thieves a try. The book is definitely different from the pace and tone of the vampire tale, that's for sure!


Although I do like it very much, I would not call S.T. a "happy" art book. The story uses a contemporary character (a silent, brooding artist) to help unravel a mystery in the past. The pace is plodding, but the descriptions are vivid and colorful. The book itself, honestly, feels rather like you're examining a gorgeous oil painting inch by inch--slow, emotional, rich, detailed. It's a good read, but I wouldn't consider it escapist, if that makes sense. It did still make me feel like heading to Michael's for a set of oil paints when I finished, however, which is saying something as I have no artistic talent whatsover. :001_smile:


HTH! :tongue_smilie:

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