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I think I am addicted to buying games

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I have bought twenty board or card games in the last month-too many good deals. I plan to give them to the kids for Christmas and birthdays this year-and maybe rainy days. DH says we already have way too many games. We play games a lot, but I am starting to wonder if I should take some back. On the other hand, I just don't see good game deals the rest of the year, so I feel like I should stock up now. Now that I am looking at the stack I do think it is probably too many, but they all look so fun I am not sure which ones I would take back. Maybe games are like books and you can't have too many?

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Welcome to my world. :tongue_smilie:


And along with board games, card games, and chess sets, I do the same thing with video games for my ds.


Not a good thing.


But I love Christmas shopping, and every time I think I'm done... there's another deal I can't resist!



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It looks like we're starting a support group. *Waves* Hi I'm Amy.


I just did a quick total and the kids are getting about six games for Christmas. DH and I are getting about ten. We love games at our house and have a list going of the next games we want to buy. Enjoy your games and think about all the good memories your children will have of playing games together and with you. I have very fond memories of playing games with my grandmother as a child and only now do I realize that they were educational. :001_smile: GeogroFacts. Why didn't I pick up that we were learning something?!?!


Are you going to tell us which ones they are getting? I'm always looking for games (education & non-educational) to add to my list.

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I'm in on the support group :).


Some of what I got:


Perfect Ten

Tangram Master


Too Many Monkeys

Wig Out


Go Nuts

Forbidden Island


Uno Moo

Dont wake daddy



Ducks in a Row

Toot and Otto

Clever Castle

Hoppers Jr


Alibi by Mayfair


Cranium Playground, Treasuer Island, and Hullabaloo

Wonder Forge I can do that games (several)

Melissa and Doug get up and go games (several)

Animal Planet's Creatures and features game

Learning Resources Sum swamp and money bags

The ladybug game

Bop it

Guess who mix and mash

Hyper Dash

Super Why ABC

Go ape

Skip bo, yahtzee, phase 10, and rummikub (the jr editions)

Make n break by Ravensburger

Froggie Boogie by Blue Orange


I love Gamewright, Mayfair, Blue Orange, Ravensburger, and thinkfun for games. Some on the list were for gifts and we played Likewise and Alibi at thanksgiving with extended family and they were really fun. We have also played the sandwich and frog Melissa and doug games and everyone liked those.



Some of those are for my 3yr old but I think most are for a more 6 or 8+ audience.

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I forgot-I also got the Mindware games Flip 4 and Square up. We have Qwirkle and play it all the time, so when Amazon had the other mindware games on sale (still might?) I thought we should try them. I really did get too many games I am sure.


BTW, the 3yr LOVES Uno Moo- totally worth the $10 I paid for it on Black Friday.

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. Maybe games are like books and you can't have too many?


YES! This. :seeya: (Joining the support group) Dh and I were at Target the other day, and walked into the game section. Settlers of Catan was on sale for $33. I said "Oh Look! Settlers is on sale!". He doesn't say anything, and when I look over, he has a frown on his face and says "Just act surprised later." He had just ordered it for me on Amazon for Christmas. :lol: Poor guy, it would have been the first gift he surprised me w/ in.....forever.:tongue_smilie: My dc always get books and games for Christmas. I don't have room for them all.

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