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Financial Peace, or something else?

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I have someone that needs some help with personal finances. She has an income problem (which for now is unsolvable), and a problem with prioritizing expenses. There are no extravagant purchases nor any debt (beyond being behind on rent and utilities), but there's less than nothing left over at the end of the month. I've been asked to help with a budget, because I geek out over spreadsheets and numbers, but I'd like a book or program to give that "kick in the butt" to start making better financial decisions.


I can tell that she needs to redefine "wants" and "needs", and be willing and comfortable with the idea of living without every. single. want. until she can get back on solid footing. No Starbucks lattes, and no making them at home either, that sort of dramatic cutback.


I lent her Total Money Makeover a while ago, but I don't think it was read. The Crown Financial class was also a bust, for various reasons. I've never read DR's "Financial Peace", but I'm wondering if that's a good place to start? Are there any other books or programs that are helpful to someone on a low income, not trying to eliminate debt, but just trying to make it month to month?

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