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Greek after SSG for "Languagy" kid?


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DD loves languages, and has enjoyed SSG. Does anyone have any suggestions for the next step? I'd rather not jump her to GfC right away, because she's already doing LfC and will be adding SfC to get Spanish Grammar as well. Greek has been great for her because she really HAS to decode to read it, and the number of new words in each lesson of SSG has been about right for her to really grasp them well and feel she's making progress, but I think waiting until she's actually a 3rd grader to do GfC would be a good idea.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a slightly gentler Greek curriculum, preferably something like SSG that DD can do mostly on her own? Has anyone used both SSG and Hey, Andrew? (I'm guessing book 1, and maybe book 2 as well are redundant, but I don't want to jump to book 3 if she'd be missing some major points in the earlier ones).

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