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Reader's Theatre

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Guest becky4school

:grouphug:Has anyone ever taught or participated in a Reader's Theatre? I'll be teaching a co-op class next semester and would love your suggestions.

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Just getting introduced to this because I'm running a Shakespeare class and some of the resources I looked at were "reader's theater" books. They were pretty cool. I like the idea of having kids do drama on the fly like that - without it feeling like it has to have so much prep work beforehand. That's not what we're doing at all, but I would consider it for the future.

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We do RT all the time at our house. What are you considering? I have books for Bible RT, Shakespeare, funny Fairy Tales, and history. I would be happy to link the books we use. They are all completely scripted...I tried the RT books that are outlines and guidelines and that was way too much work. I have no drama background and it was a total flop. These books I have now are fabulous!

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Readers Theatre for American History by Anthony D. Fredericks

*includes staging and extension ideas

*usually about 2-3 pages each theatre; easily done with a couple/few people

*probably best for logic stage


Simply Shakespeare edited by Jennifer Kroll

*includes props, summary, staging

*although it is scripted, each theatre has about 14 pages of dialogue

*logic stage or older


12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays by Scholastic (grades 2-4)

*these are just a few pages each

*silly stories like Spiderella, The Cheetah and the Sloth, Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs, etc..


24 Tandem Bible Hero Storyscripts by Steven James

*15 Old Testament scripts, 9 New Testament scripts

*pretty short (3-4 pages each)

*grammar or logic stage


Unless you have a drama background or are ok doing a lot of prep work, I would make sure you have RT that is already scripted for you. I bought a couple of books early on before I knew what I was doing and didn't bother to (or even know I should be) make sure it wasn't just the big global idea that I had to turn into a theatre. Those were either sold or returned :tongue_smilie:


I am much more comfortable with it now and have on occasion, turned a Bible story into RT and other sections of our reading.

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