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I think I should have named dd Hermione Granger!

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MAJOR BRAG ALERT! Wade carefully!


So, dd is carrying a 114% in her paramedic classes... nearly perfect A's in her other medical classes. The other students are just thankful that the profs and docs are not grading on a curve.


Today, during lunch between endocrinology and pediatric cardio lectures, one of the instructors in the EMT class came down and asked for a paramedic student to come help him do the final clinical testing for his EMT class because on of the instructors didn't show. She was working on a 250 question homework assignment that was given at 10 a.m. but isn't graded...just for going over in class. She was 150 questions into it and since most of the class only had 25-50 questions done and the profs decided to give them time to work instead of lecturing in the afternoon, she volunteered to help.


She was put in charge of airway testing, nasal canulas...that kind of thing. The medical director (Dr. W) told her to feel free to fail anyone that she did not place confidence in to do the airways in the field under pressure. Well "E" or shall we say, Hermione, failed FIVE! The first failings on an EMT practical final exam in the history of this EMS Company/teaching hospital in A DECADE! My kid....Atilla the Professor! She explained her reasoning, something about not following medical equipment check-list procedures though the students could place the airways proficiently. The medical director, astounded that she had the regs soooo well memorized, agreed with her reasoning. But, she told the doc that she felt they should be given a second chance to study up and try again because she did feel that they had the potential to be good EMT's. So, they weren't told what they did wrong, but were given the opportunity to go back, study for an hour, and then come and try again. All five passed on the second try.


So, my kid...the Hermione Granger wannabe, at 19.5 years of age, had the cajones to fail people older than herself on the grounds of an EMS regulation, which is actually an important one/it's not like it was some stupid, nonsensical rule, and then...get this...went back to her own classes after nearly three hours, found that there was only 30 minutes left to do the other 100 questions on the homework assignment before another lecturer was coming in to go over the answers, and managed to complete 75 of those 100 and then went and sat in the staff lunch room because she didn't want the hear the answers to this ungraded assignment until she had completed it just to see if she could get them done and 100% correct without assistance or discussion!!!


Honestly, she'd be the kid taking the Ancient Runes where the ghost of the professor shows up to teach because the class is either so boring or so hard, that no one else wants the job! That's my kid!!


All in all, not a bad day for my homeschool graduate! She's the first homeschool graduate any of them have had and they are pretty impressed. The medical director told the rest of the paramedic classes that they needed to pay "E" to host and run study groups for them. As one instructor put it, "Her textbooks look like everyone's Bible should...2/3 of it highlighted!"


Can you tell I'm proud???



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Yes, dd wants to eventually go to nursing school or med school. She is still leaning towards Certified Nurse Midwife. She ended up in paramedic school plus taking pre-med classes because her first and second choice nursing schools were just way too expensive despite being given 50% scholarships at each one. Dh and I don't qualify for FASFA. We make just enough to be above the cut-off and not enough to write checks for thousands of dollars every year. We did have $5800.00 saved up. She chose a local university that gave her enough scholarships that the $5800.00 would be enough to get her through all four years. But, two weeks before she would have started classes, we found out that it is not a well respected nursing program at all and the graduates are usually not accepted into the C.N.M. program at U of M. The ones that do get in have a decade of experience at one of the big hospitals and those are hard to get into if you are graduate of this school because it's reputation is going downhill fast.


This didn't leave her enough time to get into classes anywhere else. But, she found the paramedic program at a teaching hospital within commuting distance and the paramedic program has some dual enrollment options for getting some pre-med out of the way. The reputation there is good. Enrollment for paramedic classes was open right up until the first day of orientation. So, with only two weeks to go, it seemed like a good plan. SHE IS LOVING IT! A true niche for her...definitely a good fit. But, she wants to be able to also practice outside the EMS environment and she also has a big interest in labor, delivery, and babies and believes in natural, non invasive child birth whenever possible. So, she sees the C.N.M. degree as an excellent program. She would be an R.N., specializing in prenatal, labor, and delivery, plus she'd have her trauma experience from working as a paramedic and will know medical procedures that most nurses are not trained to do which could come in handy when tending a home birth that goes really wrong.


It's exciting to see her blossoming and finding her just right place in the adult world. And you are so right about higher education...most kids are leaving high school and don't have a clue...they've been herded down the exact same path and it isn't working. DD was allowed to explore her interests, work with a veterinarian (what she though she wanted), find out that this was not for her, and then work in a hospital with a missionary doctor which is when she "knew" she loved human medicine and especially patient care. The patient care end of it is why, though she would be an excellent doctor and she's had plenty of medical professionals trying to get her to go that route, she is hesitant to pursue med-school. She is such a personable, compassionate person and she loves to give aid in a very hands-on way. She doesn't want to be the one to leave the orders and run to the next patient. Even has a student, most of the medics and instructors leave ALL of the patient care to her while they stand around and watch because she has such a passion for it.


Thanks for listening to my brags! She's such a neat kid.



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