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Sewing assistance needed please

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Let me start by saying that I am a novice sewer. My main experience is with stitching my cloth bags for Christmas wrapping paper, and those don't have a pattern. Someone posted this Frog Beanie pattern and I thought "I can do that". When I sized the images as stated, the top and bottom patterns are different sizes. Looking at the picture I think that may be right, but it left me :confused:, so I came here to ask if that is right before I start cutting. If they are supposed to be different, do I just bunch the loose material from the top in the middle and make the edges match up?

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Tricky. I can't really tell. How much difference? In my head it makes sense as the bottom would lie flat and then you'd need more space to fill it so it would rise up - the pillow part. If I had to do it and I was sure I printed it off correctly I'd gather it in the areas it bunches. But I'd think the head, the feet, etc. would be the same, just the body would be bigger? Is that what you're seeing?

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There are darts that need to be sewn first. I would think that once you sew the darts that would take up the slack for the seam allowance and still allow for the body to be more full. Step 3 explains how to do the darts. You can see the lines for the darts on the pattern back at the head and the back. For the head you will have two darts on each side of the fold line. The bottom has just one dart on the fold line. Once you sew those - the top and bottom peices should match up.


Hope that helps!!

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Thanks for the quick replies. Darts scare me. I think I might try for a homemade Ugly Doll instead.



Jenn, darts are really easy! all you do is:


1) transfer the lines to the wrong side of your fabric,

2) line them up with each other,

3) sew over the line on the wrong side of the fabric,

4) being sure to knot the thread at the small end of the dart or stitch back and forth so the dart won't come apart

5) turn the fabric so the right side is facing you and iron the dart flat if needed. If the fabric is bulky, you could even trim the excess fabric in your dart seam, but that step is alomost certainly not needed


When you have made all the darts, you would put the two pieces of fabric (top and bottom of frog) together, right sides facing each other, and easing the fabrics to fit each other if they aren't precisely the same size, pin them together, then sew. Not hard at all.


These are the perfect darts to start with--they're the easiest you'll ever do. To quote my MIL, "You'll never know what you can do until you do it, and then it won't matter anyway!"


good luck!!

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Thank you for the confidence booster. I still think I am going to start with the ugly dolls, as if I mess up, they are supposed to be ugly anyways. Not to mention I went to the fabric store without relooking at the pattern and I bought flannel instead of stretchy material.

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