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Book Review: Room (Emma Donaghue)

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I didn't expect this book to be about homeschooling in any way, but oddly enough it is. For my full review, see my blog (http://www.knittedthoughts.com/2010/12/book-review-room.html), but in brief: This book is about a young mother and her child, trapped in an 11'x11' "Room" by a psychopath. The boy is born in the room and the book begins when he turns five. The mother though, despite the horrifying circumstances, has such a beautiful relationship with the boy and teaches him to read, write and learn his numbers (basically homeschooling him). I really recommend it. This is not normally a subject matter I have any interest in (again, see my blog for more detail), but oddly enough the bizarre circumstances lead to exactly the kind of "quality" time a child needs and the way she teaches and loves her boy, creates an environment that is secure and nourishing enough to save him. Really a good book!

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