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Hive--please help me survive the holidays!

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What is there to do in the Fresno, CA area? If I have to sit and watch my SIL, future BIL, and future nephews play video games for four days straight, I may just have a nervous break down and take someone down with me:). What is there to do in the area? I would prefer not to be outdoors (I'm a cold wussy at this point in my life).

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Hmm, I was going to suggest Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks, but since you don't want to be outdoors, not sure what there is out there. Although you could just stay in your car and do drive bys of the parks.:D Good luck finding something to do, I can't imagine.

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Jamee---I have done the park thing in the past--during the summer! I googled things to do in Fresno and one of the things suggested was shopping at Boot Barn!


I know there must be something fun to do in Fresno! Something cultural? Something my family of children aged 16-11 would enjoy? Something, please, anything to get out of the house!? ;)

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Take your own games for you and your dc to play with. Bring your knitting/crafting. Books! Lots of Books!


Visit the local library (there must be a library!).


A quick google revealed that the Fresno Zoo is having an ongoing evening activity for the month of December called "Zoo Lights" which sounded fun.


The Castle Air Museum sounded intriguing if any of your dc are into old planes.


There is a California Memorial Museum with 9/11 memorabilia.


The Discovery Center for Science & Natural History says it has hands-on activities.


There is a planetarium on the college campus that offers planetary shows and stargazing, but I'm not sure when those are offered.


If you like Modern Art, the Fresno Art Museum might be enjoyable.


Hope you wind up having a good time!!



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When are you going to be there? We'll be up there, too, this Sat. for hubby's extended family dinner at the Foreign Legion hall in old town Clovis. I'd invite you, but it might not be quite a proper thing to do, & family might not approve :o). But hey, Old Town Clovis is very cute/quaint, with lots of shops, antique stores etc. There is also a carriage ride you can take around the area. They decorate it all up for Christmas & you could bop over there & stroll around to get away from the TV. Nice to meet you, btw. We live in Santa Clarita.....where are you from?

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Hey! I'm going to be in Fresno, too, after Christmas. Not exactly the most exciting place, is it? There is a Christmas light display in the Old Fig Garden neighborhood, right near Ashlan and Palm, along Van Ness/Wilson.


The zoo is pretty nice but might be cold.


There really isn't a whole lot to do there that I know of. I'd just bring along some board games/books/crafts or something. If I think of anything fun, I'll post it.

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