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Ds13 likes Petra. . . so I'd like to get him for Christmas

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DS1 says that tabs are like lines with numbers on them. "The lines are the strings and the numbers are the frets. It is much, much easier to play the guitar using tabs than using sheet music, unless you are like a god with sheet music. It's probably better to play it with sheet music. You have to know the songs really well to play it with tabs -- you don't want to play songs you've never heard before."


Thus spake DS1, who always takes what he perceives to be the easier course. If he is unfamiliar with a song, he listens to it on Youtube before playing it with tabs.


Here's a songbook (I think ... I know as much about music as I do about unusual medical treatments).




DS1 says go here for free Petra tabs (it is legal): http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?value=petra&search_type=title

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