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Talk to me about Rock Band for PS3....please?

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We purchased the PS3 Rock Band Beatles game (the whole enchilada) for my 13 yo ds for Christmas. I can handle listening to the Beatles...I guess.:001_huh: But as I am looking at other games to purchase for it, I am getting soooo confused??!! Do you have to have internet connection on your PS3 to use the other Rock Band games? I was thinking of getting the Country set (or the Lego one), but reviewers mention things like download codes, etc. We live in the boonies. We do not have high speed internet access, and what access we do have is limited to 5gb a month on a Verizon air card....not enough to be downloading games/songs?


I feel really dumb. I'd like to get him one more set of songs, but am afraid they will have to be downloaded or something. Can someone please explain this to me?

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You do not need download anything if you buy the other rockband games. You have that *option*, if you want extra songs and/or songs available only through download, but it isn't strictly necessary. eta: If you click on the games on the rockband site, here, it shows the set list for each game. Maybe that would help you decide?

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