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Converting learning room into kid's den- Need ideas!

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For Christmas, we are working to convert our learning room with separate desks into a room where the dcs can watch TV, have their friends over and not have to hang out in their rooms, etc. A few reasons for this:


As the dcs have gotten older, they tend to work more all throughout the house and in their bedrooms instead of all in one room.


As they have dispersed, I have moved my "office" downstairs so I don't have to go up and down the steps all the time.


My dcs have friends over regularly and find them having to go into their bedrooms rather awkward.


I don't like to hear them moving and jumping over my bedroom or office which are both located under their bedrooms.


I will have to leave some bookcases in their because I have no other place but they are OK with that. Thinking of getting us new den furniture possibly from Ikea and giving them our old den furniture. What other ideas do you have? Any pictures? I need inspiration to make it a combo room but something they will enjoy!

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We recently did this for our kids. Up until this point we had one tv in the family room and had a dedicated learning room with individual desks. With our boys getting older, it was time for us to have an area for adults and another for them. Two of the kids wanted their desks in their room, the other is now holding our former tv and connected to Wii. They can only play Wii or watch Netflix on it. I think less is more, especially with boys, they like to have space to move around. I have one double door cabinet of games in there. A 3 foot square table for them to play games or put puzzles together. Four folding chairs, which will probably be replaced eventually, I just couldn't decide what I wanted there and had these. Then I have a Curdaroy bean bag that opens up to a full size bed. It's well loved, you can sit low in it and have a back/place to lean your neck, you can sit on top of it like a bird in a nest, the kids jump in it, lay on it, upside down, you name it. It's full of foam vs styrofoam beads. So the cabinet is in one corner, small table/chairs in another, then the beanbag and tv/Wii are across from each other. The rest is open. so they have room to play Wii, carpet hockey, whatever. The beanbag we had in my oldest's room, so we actually didn't buy anything to do this. It's been worth it. In my dreams I'd have a Dr. Pitt sectional http://www.rubyliving.com/catalog/Furniture/Sofas/Sectionals/Dr-Pitt-Sectional-Collection/ but reality is, Curdaroy's will have to do.


Thanks. Great ideas. We actually just got back from Goodwill and we found a love seat for $45!! It is in great shape. We loaded it up and put it in my Yukon. The dcs really like it and I won't have to stress over the way they use it. We have one bean bag chair and a couple of chairs that have seen their better day in the den downstairs. I agree with you, I think I will go with less for now and add to it if needed.


I have a square folding table for games and folding chairs. I am also thinking of putting our TV stand upstairs because I want something that closes somewhat downstairs. The one we have is pretty inexpensive so I think it will be fine.

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