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Dolciani Algebra

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I'm sure this won't answer your question, but is Dolciana a whole course or what? My son does K12 pre-algebra, and the text book was written by Dolciana (or someone with that name, anyway!) I actually prefer this text to the student pages that came with the program. Forgive me if this is obvious, but did you google it?

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Does anyone know where I can see sample materials and/or purchase this curriculum. I am having a difficult time finding it. I see pre-alg. information, but can't seem to find algebra.:confused:


Thanks in advance,




I have an algebra textbook written by Dolciani. It's called Algebra Structur and Method Book 1 I don't know if that is the one you're referring to, but if it is I'd be happy to take picture of whatever pages you want to see and post them up for you if it would help you. :) Let me know.

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You might want to search these boards for Dolciani to obtain more information. The old texts from the '60's to mid-70's are favored by a number of us, while some prefer the '80's books. Be forewarned that support materials for the older books are practically non-existent.


A more modern version of the text is available from the publisher here.


Good luck.


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