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Reason for Handwriting/Spelling Opinions ...


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Pick me (raising hand frantically in the air)! I use both the Handwriting and the Spelling books (see siggy). Absolutely love both.


Here is what the Handwriting looks like:

*one lesson a week

*each lesson is broken into 5 days - Days 1-3 are practicing writing words in the workbook, Day 4 is practicing writing the Bible Verse for the week and Day 5 is writing the Bible verse on a special border sheet

*an open and go program


Here is what the Spelling looks like:

*32 lessons (in Level D)

*lessons start with a pre-test, then move on to matching words with their appropriate word shape box

*a section in each lesson on the other word forms of the base words used for the weekly list

*has 4 activities for fun ways to practice spelling words

*a working with words section - fill in the blank, dictionary skills, etc.

*a dictation section. I just make up silly sentences using the spelling words.

*proofreading section

*final test


It is an open and go program. I love it and DS loves it. It reminds me of the traditional spelling programs we had back when we went to school


PM me if you need more details.

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