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Homeschooling Curriculum Choices

Guest mrsjamiesouth

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Guest mrsjamiesouth

What if your Child asked to study something specific? Would you set aside current curriculum and study what they want to?


My ds10 Loves Narnia and told me he wishes he could do school around Narnia. We have Further Up and Further In the unit study. It would be too much for me to do 2 curriculums, but I like what he is doing now. He likes what he is doing now, he would LOVE doing the Narnia unit study though.


If I do decide to go with the Narnia unit:

Do I pick back up our old curriculum when we are through with Narnia or do I just move on to the next grade level?


He has read up through book 6, but says he doesn't mind re-reading from Book1. Should I go through at a faster pace so we can get back to our planned study?



Does anyone have a good blog about letting your child lead your homeschool?

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