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e-mealz Does anyone use this? Does it help?

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I saw this from Mary Hunt's website and wondered if it really works and if you actually save money with it.


I know grocery costs are a bit more reasonable in our area but $75-85/week JUST for 5 suppers is HIGH for my budget. I spend about $80/week for ALL of our food and most of our cleaning/paper stuff (except the 1/2 cow we buy once a year which is about $10/week).


I am esp. interested in the low carb or points menus and thought about joining for 3 months just to get some new ideas/recipes, etc.


Right now I am doing Savings Angel to stock up again but likely will drop it as it takes me a lot of time both in prep and in shopping.

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If you don't have picky eaters you can save money. For us I had to double the menu to feed all 8 of us and make some portion gluten/dairy free for a few of us. I ended up only using it for 3 months. I didn't like the gfcf recipes so I used the aldi plan and adjusted it for us. I think it's more for people who don't know how to budget or meal plan. I do better planning our meals around the sale flyer each week.


just my 2 cents...

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Are the meals/recipes worth having?


I used to use Menus 4 Moms before they started charging and we did enjoy many of their meals and ate some new things, tried new recipes, etc.


One thing I notice though is that many frugal menus rely heavily on carbs---potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, etc.

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I followed it for a while last year. I did the Weight Watchers plan since I thought it was so convenient to have a complete meal planning tool that also generated Points values. I think I signed up for the 5 meal-a-week plan, and I ended up cutting out 1-2 meals each week because we had leftovers or whatever.


We were trying to avoid giving into the weeknight blahs and going out to eat because we didn't have anything planned. E-mealz helped me to cook more sometimes when I felt compelled to cook what I had in the fridge, but eventually I ended up just getting sick of the whole thing. I felt some of the meals were just strange, and I like to be more flexible with what I eat on any given day.


Lately we've just been trying to use more of what we already have in the cupboard/freezer and pick up meat when it is on sale and looks good, and just throw stuff together more than we did.

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I'm with GVA -



"We are pretty much whole-grain/easy-scratch/low-meat types, and they just didn't work for us. "


Tried it - didn't work for us either.


I will say they were very compliant about my switching plan types, but even that didn't help. The vegetarian one my kids wouldn't eat...and they're pretty green already...and the regular one was so filled with cheese, starchy pasta-y stuff I didn't even try it.


Great concept though so I'm copying alot of their format and hopefully one day making my own with the myriad of recipes I already use. I just need the plan...I have the tools. Now, to do it is the challenge.

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We are pretty much whole-grain/easy-scratch/low-meat types, and they just didn't work for us.


See, I wasn't even into whole grain/real food very much at the time I was doing e-mealz and even I found the menus to be way over-processed. Too much pre-cooked bacon and chicken strips. Not cheap and barely edible! (I am trying to eat more real food these days).

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