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WTB: More time and self-discipline... can I just buy it from someone??

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Seriously, I am so frustrated with myself! I spend too much time on the computer and just getting distracted in general. I NEED MORE TIME... and I think if I had MORE SELF-DISCIPLINE that might significantly help. Any ideas on how to do that??


If not, anyone have a surplus of time or diligence or self-discipline? I'll trade you some of my clutter for whatever you have to spare. I'd even buy it! I'm desperate.... Just let me know - I'm you gal! ;)

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First up, if anyone is selling either energy or self-discipline, I will tackle you to the ground to get to it first :tongue_smilie::D


Having said that, the two things that have helped me are:


- having a baby (you wouldn't believe how fast they can get you off the computer when they're fiddling around with the special Christmas candle holders you were sure they couldn't reach). However, that is a little drastic and also doesn't help with the energy bit so ...


- a daily check-list (essential jobs first, non-essentials further down) I don't go on the computer until the essential jobs are done.

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OK, tried the baby thing, 5 times over. I think you're right, that's a little drastic for me right now. lol And I know I was a better mom with my oldest two when computers (in homes) were a newer thing and the Internet's influence was negligible. But a lot happens in 17 years, and I am definitely feeling (physically) older nowadays! lol


BUT, the daily checklist idea sounds less dangerous. I kind of do that, but I guess I just don't stick to it enough. I used to be so good!! I was so focused and happy and positive. I think I am just so tired and worn out sometimes that distractions (on the computer or otherwise) serve as an escape. That probably sounds terrible, I'm sure. I don't know what's happened to me. :confused: And, seriously, you say you have your priority list and don't go on the computer until the essentials are done. I know I used to be like that, and it sounds so easy when you say it.... But I guess that's where the self-discipline comes in to play. <sigh> I just have to DO IT!!


Good habits are such a delight, and bad habits such awful taskmasters....

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Use a timer! Whenever I have things to do and I want to procrastinate I make a list, grab my timer and my reward. If I have a movie I want to watch, I'll watch it for 10 minutes and then tackle my to do list for 10-20 minutes. It depends on the deal you make with yourself. I also love to read so I will read a chapter or section, and clean up or tidy/organize 10 items per page. I usually do this on my free time. Oh, and when I clean I try not to clean alone. We all get up and get things done. Plus, I try to simplify my life, if it isn't a necessity and I don't love it, I don't do it (does not include chores unless it is delegated, LOL).


I wouldn't get anything done though without a to-do list and lesson plan. I am too distractable. :) Hths!

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