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Lemi Shine goop question

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I started using Lemi Shine a week ago. The compartment where I put the lemi shine, not the detergent, has a buildup of white goopy stuff. What is it, and has anyone else had this happen with this product ? My dishes all look way better - no more gross white film - but I have this goop buildup in the detergent box (where I no longer put any detergent).


Thanks !

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Weird. We've been using Lemishine for years, and never had that happen. Sounds like the compartment doesn't empty completely, and the rinse water doesn't reach it, so a little bit of Lemishine remains there throughout the cycle. That's my guess.



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Thank you. How I have resolved the problem is this: I am back to putting detergent in the detergent compartment. I wait until 15 minutes into the cycle, and then I put some Lemi Shine directly into the hot water that is sitting in the bottom of the tub. This way I do not get any goop buildup, and the Lemi Shine is keeping the white detergent/hard water film off the dishes. :thumbup:

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