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I know summer's over, but I'd love your favourite salad recipes..

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Well, summer is over for most of you, but here in Australia, it's just starting. I get bored with making the same few salads here, so if you can post your very favourite salad recipe, I'd love to give them a go.

I'll start by posting my family's favourite - and it can be had warm, so it's not only a summer recipe!


Brown Rice & Tuna Salad..



1 cup sultanas

1 red pepper (finely chopped)

1 bunch spring onions (chopped)

2 apples (finely chopped)

2 bigger tins of tuna, drained (I use the one in springwater)

2 cups (uncooked) brown rice.


Cook rice for 20 mins. In the meantime chop up the fruit & veg. Drain rice & cool by running cold water over rice.


Put rice, chopped stuff & tuna in large bowl.


Mix in blender: 1 cup of oil (olive oil is strong, but not too bad. I use a good quality cold-pressed grapeseed oil), 1 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 cup honey, and 1 Tbspn curry powder.


Pour dressing over other ingredients and serve. This can be a complete meal, or as a side. We never really tire of this! I guess if you are a low-fat family, you could drop some of the oil, but we don't limit good oils/fats.





Look forward to trying some of your faves!

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I have two faves at the moment that I just can't pick between :lol:


Vaguely Greek Style Salad

Salad greens of your choice

Crumbled fetta cheese

Kalamata olives

Dry roasted pine nuts

Sundried, semi-dried or fresh tomatoes

Diced cucumber


Dress with fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.



Hearty grain salad

Any combination of lettuce, baby spinach, etc leaves

Pearl barley, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, etc or a combination of grains

Currants or other dried fruit of choice

Asparagus, capsicum (bell pepper) and/or zucchini (courgette) or other veg if you prefer

Fresh coriander (or can substitute parsley etc)

Sesame seeds (optional)

Plain yoghurt



Salt and vegetable oil for cooking


Put grains on to cook, and stir in currants when done.

Trim and chop asparagus, capsicum and/or zuchinni. Place on a baking tray combined with a little salt and vegetable oil, and grill or bake until done.

Meanwhile, make the dressing by blending honey, tahini, yoghurt and chopped coriander leaves in whatever quantities taste right to you.

Put salad leaves in the bottom of each individual serving bowl, then pile on grain mix and grilled veg on top. Spoon on some dressing and top with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

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