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I wonder how much it will cost...

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...to make the machine for sorting the more than one billion defective hundred dollar bills that are currently in quarantine... (and if it can also be used again, on the next batch of foul-ups)....




So much for stimulating the economy, LOL. Maybe they should hire folks to hand check them....

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:svengo: Egads! Call me silly, but I've always been fond of the older greenbacks. This new currency feels and looks so European to me! Now, there's nothing wrong with being European (I'm married to one) ;), but I 'm old-fashioned and like our greenbacks to be, well, GREEN. ;) Maybe the currency machines are in rebellion. :D

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I don't know, I just sorta thought that if they decided to implement changes so drastic that they'd need new machinery to be able to print it that they'd - oh, say - do a test run or something first to see if the old machinery could cut it before just randomly spending billions to print wothless money. Oh. But wait. It's all worthless, isn't it? Nevermind.....

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