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Endings, closure, and new beginnings............

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We "got" the rental house. We didn't have to go through a formal application process. We didn't have to give more than the standard deposit or a pet deposit. They know we have 4 dogs (long story!). We will have first right of refusal for buying the home in one year.




We told the kids last night after picking them up from their Dad. Cameron is excited, and claimed the room without a closet (closets scare him). Andrew is mixed. Ok with moving, but worried about friends at school. His life changes the most. Larsen has been crying since last night. She is a comfort based child and change scares her. This change nearly devastates her.




I took Larsen out of Spanish this am, and after teaching my US lit class, took Larsen and Cameron to see the house. That helped Larsen a lot. A friend is getting Andrew from his school and bringing him here. I'll take him to the house after I finish work here. From there, I will commute the first time to my graduate school where I work and have another year of school. The house is 23.5 miles from my teaching work. Not a bad trip.




We are dumping everything we can, hopefully through sale. We want to start as fresh and "new" as possible, even if the stuff it new to us, but used. We are framing this as a new start.



I spent the weekend working on this and was not able to prepare as I normally would for finals tomorrow and Wednesday. I am thinking seriously of asking for an extension for my Psychopathology final.




The neighborhood is *excellent*. No one in my family has ever lived in one that nice. We are renting literally the smallest house in it.




We were thinking of moving Jan. 15, but I may push it up so Andrew can start in his new high school after Christmas.


I have a lot of work to do in the next month.

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It sounds like a wonderful blessing, Joanne! I wish you and the kids much happiness there!


Also, I would definitely ask for an extension; I can't imagine the professors not understanding your situation.


Congratulations on your new beginning! :grouphug:

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Congratulations on your new start! It's difficult, I did it often as a child, but I think the kids will do well. A nice neighborhood and good parental support, they're in. You have a wonderful attitude! I would take the extension if you think you'll get more time to study later. If that's not going to happen you might as well get it over with. Good luck and prayers your way.

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Sending you blessings upon blessings, hugs, prayers and lots of faithing that God will answer every little prayer for you --that this house would not only have the needs, but the wants you desire and that the kids would settle in well. :grouphug::grouphug: It's going to be a wonderful thing, I can feel it. A time of redeeming what was stolen and blessings.

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