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Ten Things I'm Thankful For

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I am battling a complaining attitude in myself. Join me in posting 10 things that you are thankful for, no matter how mundane.


1. I'm thankful that the cat "helps" with the dishwasher by pulling the door down for me after I release the latch.


2. I'm thankful that I have a warm green fuzzy blanket.


3. I'm thankful that I have two children.


4. I'm thankful that the Christmas tree has only been tipped over once so far.


5. I'm thankful that I can wear pants.


6. I'm thankful that the garbage workers are not on strike.


7. I'm thankful that I have a computer.


8. I'm thankful that I can eat eggs.


9. I'm thankful that we have electric lights.


10. I'm thankful that I could take a hot shower.

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Just blogged a thankful list today. Let's see if I can come up with more...


1. Thankful my oldest two are getting along for the moment. It's rare so I'm thankful any time it happens!


2. I'm thankful for online shopping.


3. ...for hot showers


4. ...for warm socks and blankets


5. ...that my mom was able to take my two youngest girls out today for a "date"


6. ...sunshine peaking out from the clouds. Everyone here just said, "LIGHT!" :lol:


7. ...for emoticons. Love these things! :lol::D:grouphug:


8. ...for a relationship that I thought would be ruined by a decision we made that was best for our family --so far so good, they've accepted it.


9. ...spiked hot chocolate. ;)


10. ....love

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Oh, Jean, I so need to do this today!


1. For our funny dog, who hears my alarm and waits for me at the end of the hallway for our morning walk.


2. For our 6yo, who reminds me of how much joy there is in Christmas.


3. For our many, many friends and family members who have helped us out this year during unemployment.


4. That I'm able to teach science classes in my garage to a great group of kids.


5. For a warm house.


6. For a husband who loves me, warts and all.


7. Our kids - we are beyond blessed - they are funny and creative and loving.


8. For my Mac laptop ;)


9. For the grace of Jesus


10. For Borax star crystal ornaments! (Which aforementioned 6yo is begging me to make right now!)

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1. I’m thankful for a hardworking dh that does his best to support us.

2. I’m thankful that my kids are healthy.

3. I’m thankful that all my 5 animals are healthy.

4. I’m thankful that my extended family is getting along better than they have in years.

5. I’m thankful that my children for the most part have good attitudes.

6. I’m thankful that we have food on the table and a roof over our heads.

7. I’m thankful for kids reading on the couch snuggling with the dog.

8. I’m thankful for vehicles that work.

9. I’m thankful for educational choice. We can homeschool, public school part-time, join the parent-partnership at the ps, and send our kids to running start. What a blessing!

10. I’m thankful that the kids understand why we only put a minimum of Christmas decorations up this year.

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I am SOOOOO grouchy today. So, I will join in...


1. Everyone is healthy right now


2. My bed is warm and comfortable


3. Friends


4. Computer


5. Internet


6. Parents who I have a really good relationship with


7. I don't live in a place with snow in the winter


8. My dog is cute


9. I can read


10. Granchildren

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1. That I am almost done Christmas shopping so I can stop making decisions.


2. That dd4 is doing well on her medication.


3. That ds16 was acquitted.


4. That dh is agreeing to us moving, and isn't just agreeing with me (he nods and says yes sometimes without really agreeing with me).


5. That ds16 is finishing up his first quarter in college and is doing well.


6. That dd12 loves her new private school and I feel confident in her education there.


7. That I was sad to sell my homeschooling books, but happy for the $585!


8. That I finally figured out a present for dd4 for Christmas! (Schleich animals)


9. That I have free Amazone Prime shipping right now.


10. That dh's boss was let go by the company (he was a worthless leader) and hopeful that now he may actually get a decent team leader who understands the job.

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I'm thankful for:


1) a heating company that allows me to make payments on my new furnace.


2) a job with great managers and wonderful coworkers.


3) a full refrigerator and pantry.


4) my family's good health.


5) a reliable car.


6) a loving church committed to teaching the Word.


7) good friends.


8) a break from extra-curricular activities.


9) appliances that work.


10) that God loves me and shows me that daily.

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I'm thankful...

1. that our diabetic cat is doing great & is hyper, healthy, & happy

2. my kids have a good sense of humor

3. my sister is doing well (after a very hard year this year)

4. that dh is putting up all our Christmas lights

5. that amazon.com is so easy for shopping, lol

6. for coffee

7. for snowmen (& snowwomen, & snowanimals, &...)

8. for Terry Pratchett books

9. for wool sweaters

10. the birds outside my window

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Oh, thank you for bringing this up. Couldn't come at a better time!


I am thankful...


that my husband has a job.

to be able to worship God freely and in a church I love.

for my health and the health of those I love.

for my precious children.

for my sister and our relationship.

for a husband who loves me despite my faults.

to have a roof over my head and clean water to drink.

for wonderful friends.

to have the opportunity to homeschool our girls.

that Christmas break is coming up! :D

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This is great. I needed this!

1. I have a wonderful church that is like family.

2. All kids are healthy.

3. I am almost done with Christmas shopping.

4. My two youngest kids are all adopted and I have no more social work visits.

5. I am thankful for stretchy pants.

6. I am thankful for my brown sweatshirt that keeps me warm in my rather cold house.

7. I am getting a new simple wedding ring after my diamond fell out.

8. I figured out my son was a spaz because of artificial colors and that he is doing much better.

9. I have a wonderful, loving, mostly happy family. (there are times:tongue_smilie:)

10. I am saved by grace and not by my own power.

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More from me (I really need this)


1. I'm thankful that dd8 and I got through fractions this morning without blood, sweat or tears - I was geared up for a fight but it actually went well!


2. I'm thankful that I have warm fuzzy blue slippers.


3. I'm thankful that Roughcollie told me to prioritize my to do list and do the most important things first. This is helping my stress level a lot.


4. I'm thankful that I have friends.


5. I'm thankful that the kitty comes to me for pats and that's therapeutic for me as well.


6. I'm thankful that it is lunch time.


7. I'm thankful that I can ignore all the downer threads when I need to, like today.


8. I'm thankful that I have stretchy pants too! (Thanks for the reminder Momma H!)


9. I'm thankful for telephones that allow us to do business across town without moving our butt.


10. I'm thankful that I have an electric stove and don't have to go and start a fire to get lunch!

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I am thankful....

*that Christianbook.com had a free shipping code today.

*DS had so much 'click' in so many subjects today.

*for my fuzzy, very warm blanket by my recliner.

*for my space heater at my feet.

*for a hot mug of tea.

*that DH doesn't have to go to his second job again until January 10.

*for the young man who does our yardwork and gave me an unbelievably inexpensive price to take down 13 trees.

*for my FIL healthy heart after surgery just 2.5 weeks ago.

*for my washer and dryer.

*for all the advice and wisdom I glean from The Hive.


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I have a really bad headache today, but I'm thankful:


1. that I don't have a stomach ache too...:tongue_smilie:


2. I can pay all my bills this month :)


3. my K-er is READING soooo well :hurray:


4. my canned strawberry jam turned out and didn't kill us all


5. my 3 yro has not had a pee accident all day - whew!


6. cheerleading and basketball start this week, but not today - lol


7. I completely cleaned out our garage yesterday and gave away 2 bicycles, 4 big bags of nice clothes and some other items - made me feel good


8. my husband has a good job and actually goes to it


9. I was able to work out this morning


10. I found our pencil sharpener (that we couldn't find for MONTHS!) :sneaky2:

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I am thankful for:


my two wild and crazy boys,


a warm house in the middle of all this snow,


enough money to live comfortably,


a husband that works hard for our family,


my iMac,


books on CD,


a wonderful library system,


my mommy mobile minivan,


cute nieces and nephews,


and lots of nice friends.

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GREAT thread!


I am thankful for...


1. ... Chris Tomlin's music as it always reaches my soul.

2. ... my husband having a job so we can keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

3. ... a loving church, especially when I hear of others' experiences in church.

4. ... two healthy, active, and bright sons.

5. ... life insurance as it helps me sleep at night knowing my family will be taken care of if I were to pass away.

6. ... a gorgeous kitty who talks to me daily and loves to cuddle.

7. ... hugs from my boys.

8. ... a husband who loves me unconditionally despite the emotional baggage I carry.

9. ... the freedom to homeschool my children.

10. ... friends who love me and make me laugh.


*** This was a great idea, Jean! I've been doing a lot of comparing of myself to others lately as I wish we could just go out and buy to replace all we need right now, but we're on a budget so that is not possible. As I thought of my list, it put me in my place. Thank you!

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I am thankful for:

1. The saving grace of Jesus.

2. The way my little boys run to the door yelling 'Daddy's home!' every day.

3. Having made a wonderful new friend this year, who is as close as a sister.

4. That I can own and read my Bible with no fear of imprisonment, torture, or death.

5. That we will finally get snow tonight to make this cold weather worth it.

6. Chocolate. :)

7. The new cell phone my wonderful hubby picked out for me all by himself.

8. That my boys love to snuggle.

9. That I have food to feed my family, when so many go hungry.

10. That my husband still makes me laugh.

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I am thankful for:

1. my son who reminds me to find the joy in life

2. my husband who works hard for us and tries to keep us all happy

3. our cozy house

4. our health (mine and my family's)

5. my wonderful extended family. I hear many complaints about in-laws, and I can't imagine it. Mine are the best, and I feel very lucky to have them in my life!

6. living in a mild climate.

7. peaceful afternoons like this one.

8. cozy, warm beds.

9. a stretch of dry days

10. the chance to spend more time with my family over the holidays.

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1. The grace of God in Jesus Christ.

2. For my DH and our two miracle children!

3. That DH and my children and I are all basically healthy.

4. For a warm house on a very cold day!

5. For hot running water. It would NOT be fun to be Laura Ingalls today!

6. For freedom of worship, assembly, thought, education etc. It is a good thing to live in this democratic republic, whatever it's woes and weaknesses!

7. For libraries and easy access to zillions of books.

8. For a variety of healthy, affordable food and clean water.

9. For our church family and kindred-spirit friends.

10. For my dog, dark chocolate, my computer and the internet, Fernando Ortega playing on my ipod dock, a comfy bed with clean sheets and pretty quilt, old jeans and all the other myriads of small luxuries which make me happy....

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In no particular order:


1. I am thankful my two oldest dd's have jobs.

2. I am thankful my dh finally found employment w/BENEFITS after 1 1/2 yrs.

3. I am thankful my children are healthy and happy.

4. I am thankful for our woodstove.

5. I am thankful for the wood pile just outside my backdoor that dh split and stacked just so I wouldn't have to wade through snow.

6. I am very, very thankful I have a healthy and happy marriage.

7. I am thankful my book basket is full of Christmas books and I don't have to go to the library.

8. I am thankful I have plenty of tea.

9. I am thankful our cars are operating.

10. I am thankful I already have dinner in the over.

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1. My awesome husband

2. That my awesome husband just washed the stack of dishes I had been avoiding ALL DAY.

3. I re-purposed a skirt today so now I have a new skirt!

4. Hot healthy soup on the stove and yummy bread in the oven

5. The great advent service we have as a family every night.

6. Enough money to do everything we need and more.

7. I get to go to Ikea on Wed!

8. I have 3 beautiful, intelligent, caring, healthy children

9. The Christmas CD I mixed

10. my upcoming date with hot chocolate, a new book, and a cozy blanket.

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Jean wrote;" I'm thankful that I can wear pants."


That is something I can't do now and haven't been able to do 3 months and I really wished I could since I am cold. I have a still broken leg. BUT


I am thankful for:

1) My leg may be starting to heal according to my orthopedist so I don't have a surgery scheduled and just have to continue wearing a giant boot and using ultrasound

2) we have good heating

3) we have the money to pay for adequate heating

4) Christmas lights that look nice

5) St. Nicholas day candy I got

6) My non shedding mini poodle

7) My youngest who loves to wrap gifts so I don't have to

8) My middle who doesn't mind shopping so she went out and got paper for our printer

9) My oldest who made me hot chocolate this morning

10) A husband who has to work very hard in unpleasant circumstances yet does his job very well

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1. I'm thankful for my 2 sweet girls.


2. I'm thankful for Clay Aiken and his amazing voice.


3. I'm thankful for DVRs.


4. I'm thankful for Yankee Candles.


5. I'm thankful to Gymboree for making cute, age-appropriate clothing.


6. I'm thankful for a nice comforter on my bed.


7. I'm thankful for warm jammies.


8. I'm thankful for used bookstores.


9. I'm thankful for coffee.


10. I'm thankful for the internet.



:D Great thread!

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1. I'm thankful all my necessities are met (food, water, shelter, clothes, etc)

2. I'm thankful to have a small circle of friends who are all best friends and who I would trust with my life.

3. I'm thankful my cat listens to my complaints happily (as long as I give him a head rub simultaneously :lol:)

4. I'm thankful to be wearing my pink, fuzzy, cupcake pajama pants.

5. I'm thankful I have many things that AREN'T a necessity (cell phone, cable, DVD player, internet, etc.)

6. I'm thankful I am homeschooled.

7. I'm thankful I live in America.

8. I'm thankful for my family, even though I swear I can't be related to any of them :D

9. I'm thankful that girls are allowed an education in the U.S.

10. I'm thankful two have my fat, fuzzy, purring kitty sitting on my lap, while keeping me warm.

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1) My hubby


2) My kids


3) My grandkids


4) No family or in-law problems


5) Roof over my head


6) Dependable transportation


7) Food to eat


8) Books to read


9) The internet (mostly this board)


10) What little sanity I have left. :tongue_smilie:

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1. I'm thankful for my sweet kids.


2. I'm thankful for my loyal husband.


3. I'm thankful for my great friends.


3. I'm thankful for all my critters.


4. I'm thankful that we're not in financial distress.


5. I'm thankful for the new boots I got today that I can actually put orthotics in.


6. I'm thankful for WTM. (what would I do without this place??!!!)


7. I'm thankful for Reeds ginger brew. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.


8. I'm thankful for the sleep I've been getting (quality, not enough quantity!) that helps with my energy.


9. I'm thankful for my gas fireplace, wood burning stove, and fuchsia down comforter now that it's getting REAL cold out. And I'm thankful that my dachsund's body temp runs hot. He keeps my back warm ALL NIGHT.


10. I'm thankful for peppermint gum.:tongue_smilie:

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